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Rilton Cup - Moderate result in Stockholm

As I wrote in my previous articles, it past six years from the last time when I played Rilton Cup in Stockholm.
It was a pleasant experience to come back to Stockholm and play again in Sweden´s biggest open tournament.
Many things changed in the past six years when in comes to Rilton Cup, and one of these things is a playing hall.
From a nice playing hall in the building situated direct on the banks of one of Stockhom´s channels, the venue moved in Hotel Clarion in Södermalm (one of the islands on which lays the capital of Sweden).
In this article I will write about general things about the tournament, and the game analysis will be published in next article.

From the beginning of the tournament one could see that the two players performs much better then the rest of the field.
Norwegian GM Jon Ludvig Hammer and Swedish GM Nils Gargamel Marley Grandelius dominated the rest of the players.
Hammer showed the better nerves and more stable play and won the first price deservedly, while Marley, despite winning all his games with the white pieces, lost in the next last round (he had the winning position at more then one points) against Russian GM Volkov Sergey who overtook the second place.
The final standings (up to the 26th place):

Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameGrFEDRtgRtgIRtgNPts. TB1  TB2 RpKrtg+/-
GMHammer Jon LudvigNOR2612261207.549.054.027951019.9
GMVolkov SergeyRUS2623262307.045.549.52686106.9
GMGrandelius NilsSWE2576257626426.551.556.027181018.0
GMKrasenkow MichalPOL2633263306.548.553.02662104.5
GMSmirin IlyaISR2642264206.547.551.52662102.3
GMSocko BartoszPOL2657265726956.547.051.52651100.5
GMGoganov AlekseyRUS2581258106.546.550.02645108.7
GMHillarp-Persson TigerSWE2551255126246.543.547.52608107.6
GMPiorun KacperPOL2560256006.049.053.02632109.5
GMLintchevski DaniilRUS2541254106.046.551.02602108.2
IMUrkedal FrodeNOR2492249224686.040.044.02493100.8
IMSemcesen DanielSWE2488248825475.542.045.52477100.6
IMSmirnov ArtemRUS2418241805.542.044.525101012.3
GMSocko MonikaPOL2440244024945.541.044.52486106.2
GMYagupov IgorRUS2427242705.541.044.02432102.1
IMTsyhanchuk StanislavBLR2398239805.541.043.524841010.9
IMSjödahl PontusSWE2420242024785.540.543.02463105.8
GMTikkanen HansSWE2548254826325.539.042.5241810-12.2
IMHansen Torbjørn RingdalNOR2473247305.538.542.0245110-1.7
FMLuukkonen Tommi1FIN2285228523105.538.541.024631531.0
GMBlomqvist ErikSWE2519251925825.536.540.0239810-12.8
FMvon Bahr Oskar1SWE2298229823565.535.038.523901515.9
GMCramling PiaSWE2525252525015.039.542.0235610-16.1
IMFurhoff JohanSWE2318231823305.039.042.02335103.9
FMHenriksson Johan1SWE2266226622795.031.533.0221915-9.4
IMBejtovic JasminBIH2402240224484.541.544.0236010-4.6

My play was somehow at the same level as in Milan, couple of weeks before Rilton Cup, with the small digression what this time that little extra did not worked in my favour, so if I put my performance in numbers it was somehow mirrored from Milan (The role of the mirror point is my actual rating).

As the tournament was played in two calendar years, it puzzled me how to count it, as the first tournament in 2014 or as the last tournament in 2013 ?!

During the tournament we had a free day, and the whole atmosphere which surrounds Rilton Cup was very relaxing.
Rilton Cup is an exception from the other Swedish tournaments, organised much better, with very nice playing hall, separate room for the post-game analysis, and the room with a commentary for the spectators in which the chess legend GM Ulf Andersson dominated.

I have to mention Södermalm, the area in Stockholm with lot´s of restaurants, cafés and pubs, and when it comes to food, it delivered highly over my expectations so I can honestly say that in my opinion this area of Stockholm has the best choice of restaurants in Sweden.

Me and Gargamel spent a lot of time with famous Swedish actor, Christopher Kenneth Krantz.
As always, there were a lot of funny moments, good games and blunders.

If I have to summarise the whole experience from the tournament from the perspective of my play and the overall enjoyment, Rilton Cup 2013/2014 is the positive experience

Photo: Rilton Cup official site
Do not be fooled by this funny costume.
It is not a bunny, it´s a vulture
Just make a couple of inaccurate moves and you will die slowly and become his dinner.

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