Thursday 24 April 2014

Solution for April combinations

After you have plenty of time to solve these combinations, I decided to publish the solution.
Many of you were wondering if this site is on it´s way to be closed or not updated. I can assure you that it will not happen. Sometimes, I have more inspiration to write and sometimes I do not have inspiration. Also, sometimes the priorities are different, so the frequency of writing is always different, but blog will definitely go on. Chess is one of my passions, I will always play chess and I always has something to write about it and I like to share my opinions.
These lines are just for those who had some speculations in the last period. I have to thank the readers for patient and visits, as blog reached the record of monthly visitors already today  (there are six more days in April) and for comparison, in March and April Chess & Life had more visits then in whole 2012.

Saturday 12 April 2014

April combinations

It took really long time for me to finally write an article on the blog.
What can I do, some other priorities in other parts of my life, and one really pleasant travel to Madrid and Toledo (expect pictorial reports) deprived om writing.
In any case, everyone prefers quality over quantity, right?
All right, so due to really busy schedule in March, I could not publish monthly combinations during last month, but as a compensation, this months article will be extended.
As always, try to solve these combinations (and studies) by your own, and you are always welcome to write your answers in the comments.
Besides that, I really need to thank the readers for visiting this blog, as the last month visits  set the new record in monthly visitors (nearly 9000).
It seems that this month it will be even more readers.