Sunday 26 January 2014

Lucky or not?

A post analysis and evaluations in chess can sometimes  be very strange. World of chess is influenced by computers in such degree that sometimes we can not see the forest for the trees.
Last weekend I played the game in Swedish league, and I won quite convincingly, but not without mistakes.
As I wrote in the report from that match, our opponents had their chances and with some luck they could get a bit better result.
Even when I wrote about my game I was modest enough to write that I was somehow lucky.
After deeper analysis of that game I have to change my first impression and now I consider it quite straight forward wins for me.
However, I will share my analysis with the readers so they can decide on their own.

Before publishing the whole game I want to describe in words, what actually happened.
I was White, and in order to avoid theoretical discussions and to draw my opponent in the position when he is on his own, I opened the game with King´s Indian Attack.
After some inaccurate moves by my opponent I got the possibility to attack on the king side.
I was a bit over optimistic and I underestimated his chances on the queen side.

When we approached early middlegame I could exchange all pawns on the queenside and just take a draw.
I decided to play for unclear attack, even if I considered that it can not give me more then unclear play.
It was a very risky strategy and I told my opponent after the game, that I don´t believe in White position (in terms of getting an advantage), but I believe in me.

Picture by Örgryte S.K  FaceBook page.  Edited by Jasmin Bejtovic

Later on we got the position on the diagram.
My initial idea was to move my knight on b3, but later on I noticed that he had some interesting exchange sacrifice. There I missed one detail when I could get the same position with crucial detail in my advantage.
What I did is that I blundered badly with Qg4.
After that move, he had the forcing variation which could give him decisive advantage.
He missed it, and the game continued with it´s normal flow.

I won after some energetic play.
All this can be seen in the analysis which I decided to share with the readers.

The (rhetorical) question is, Was I lucky, or we made one mutual mistake in one move and the game just continued?

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