Sunday 19 January 2014

Elitserien Round 4 - Switch on the top

Well, the title of this article can look somehow dramatic, but actually nothing special happened.
As I predicted, Team Viking, Eksjö SK and Rockaden Stockholm won their matches in fourth round of Swedish Elitserien, but Rockaden Stockholm won with 6,5-1,5 while we (Eksjö SK) won with "only" 6-2 and thanks to their game-points Rockaden Stockholm overtook the lead in the league.
LASK won their match in Scania derby against Limhamn Malmö, and they stay in the touch with two clubs on the top.
Team Viking won their match to continue their medal (title) hopes alive. It was interesting in the relegation battle too.

Saturday, 18th January

The town where I live in southern Sweden and the town where my club is situated are divided by two and a half hours travel.
Local train took me from Eslöv to Lund, and then I continued with the train that connects Copenhagen and Stockholm...just to go out in Nässjö, the town that looks pretty in the South on the map of Sweden, but having in mind that the northern parts of Sweden are not as populated as the South, Nässjö belongs somehow to the middle part of the country.
The clubs treasurer, Roger Karlsson waited for Danish players, Allan and Nikolaj, and Christopher and me, to drive us to Eksjö which is twenty minutes by car, away from Nässjö.
As this was the only single match this season, the club decided to make it somehow special, so we have lunch together in Eksjö Stadshotell.
The match was played in the same hotel, in Concordia hall, and we got the best possible conditions.
How we answered to that, the readers can see from the results bellow.

Eksjö SK2434-Örgryte SK22716 - 2
Bord 1:GMPontus Carlsson2597-Mladen Gajic2309½ - ½
Bord 2:IMJasmin Bejtovic2459-FMAnton Frisk Kockum24251 - 0
Bord 3:GMAllan Stig Rasmussen2572-Rahul Kumar22451 - 0
Bord 4:IMNikolaj Mikkelsen2467-IMAri Ziegler23531 - 0
Bord 5:FMNedeljko Malesevic2336-Mikael Arnelind2229½ - ½
Bord 6:Per Vernersson2409-Johan Eksmyr22051 - 0
Bord 7:Christopher Krantz2313-Patrick Fransson21980 - 1
Bord 8:IMAxel Ornstein2324-Percy Fransson22081 - 0

* The highlighted played had white pieces
** The ratings are Swedish national ratings

I have to admit that the match was not as easy as it looks, as the guests from Gothenburg had their chances.
My play was full of risk, and it could go either way (even if the game looks as straight forward victory), and it can be said for two more games.
However, we won and the next stop for us is The basement tour in Scania.
Despite that we took late train to get back home, and that weather was not really comparable to Malta or Mostar weather, it was very pleasant trip back.

Other results

     Eksjö SK-Örgryte SK6 - 2

Limhamns SK-Lunds ASK3 - 5

SK Team Viking-Burgsvik Alva SK6 - 2

Upsala ASS-SK Rockaden, Sthlm1½ - 6½

Västerås SK-Farsta SK2½ - 5½

LASK won their derby match against Limhamn, and by this victory, they are now one of the candidates for top of the table, while Limhamn can expect miracle if they want to win a medal.
Västerås, Farsta and Burgsvik played their matches from Friday to Sunday, so in the table you can see that Burgsvik already played six matches, while Farsta and Västerås played five matches each.
These three clubs will probably stay in the league, as Örgryte and Uppsala looks the weakest for now, but as I said, do not forget that Burgsvik played two matches more then the pair on the bottom.
Farsta, Västerås and Burgsvik won one match each, against each other, in perfect circle, and all the victories were pretty clear.

This is how the table looks:

Elitserien Allsvenskan 2013/14    

1SK Rockaden, Sthlm440023.58
2Eksjö SK440023.08
3Lunds ASK431020.07
4SK Team Viking430121.56
5Västerås SK512220.04
6Farsta SK520319.54
7Limhamns SK412116.54
8Burgsvik Alva SK611418.53
9Upsala ASS40047.50
10Örgryte SK40046.00

In two weeks it will be very interesting in Scania, where Limhamn and LASK will play two home matches against Örgryte (good chance to keep the pressure on the top) and against Eksjö SK, which can answer many questions before the final three rounds.
Let´s say, that in the case of positive results in Scania, Eksjö has really good prospect as we have to play only against Rockaden from the top in the endgame, while other clubs from the top (Team Viking, LASK, Rockaden and let´s say Limhamn who are last year winners) has to play against each other.

Let´s stop to speculate and we shall see what will happen.

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