Saturday 30 March 2013

Candidates Tournament 2013 London

After some period of inactivity on my blog I decided to write some lines about the most interesting chess event in the first half of 2013, Candidates Tournament in London.
There are two rounds to go and the whole tournament is ful of dramatic twists.

Friday 22 March 2013

My games from Elitserien, Part 1/3

After some days of pause on this blog, I am going to publish my games from Västerås.
The emotions are calmed down and I can now in good working atmosphere show what was going on on the chess board.
The first game will be my game against strong Grandmaster Kotronias.
I was white, and this position was reached by us after twenty moves.
After the analysis of critical moments, I will publish the game in the chess viewer, so you can go thought it.
I hope that the same result as I made against the player from Greece, can repeat Bosnia and Herzegovina on the football pitch against Greece tomorrow.

Monday 18 March 2013

Drama in Västerås

When driving Christopher Krantz and me to Husqvarna respective a train station in Nässjö, Håkan Åkvist, Alfa and Omega of Eksjö chess club, said something very interesting.
He said that there is no words or a good way to describe a dramatic of the last round of Swedish league in Västerås.
You can describe a drama in two or five minutes, but it lasted for more than hour.
He had a point there, but I have to try at least, in order to inform my readers on what actually happened in Västerås.
Fot those who wants to know the main things, Limhamn from Malmö won the league and Eksjö secured a place in highest division for the next year. Let´s do it chronologically....

Wednesday 13 March 2013

My games from Cannes, Part 3/3

This is the last part of my games in Cannes.
After some essential parts from my games, I will write some comments about my games in 2013.
It is very important to periodically do some analysis based on general conclusions (not only just analysis of the games and positions).
That can show us if our chess development is in the right direction.
Of course, the answer should not be just yes or no, because the question is much more complex then it sounds.
First of all, the last three games from Cannes...

Monday 11 March 2013

My games from Cannes, Part 2/3

This is the position from the sixth round in Cannes chess festival.
I played with black pieces against Russian International Master, Anastasia Savina.
She played Makagonov variation of The King´s Indian and I faced some problems from the beginning.
This game can show how big is the importance of knowledge of opening theory.
I thought that I am improvising with a pawn sacrifice, but today's theory is so developed that this position is not new.
It is played on my level....

Sunday 10 March 2013

My games from Cannes, Part 1/3

It took some time for me to get my energy back from my tour in France, and now when I feel the new hunger for chess, I can look forward to final of Swedish league in Västerås.
Before a focus of this blog moves for that competition, I want to show some interesting details from my games in France.
I already showed my game from the first round, but the readers could only see the results from the rest of the rounds.
I shall provide some chess too.
I will not publish the games in chess viewer, as they can be found in TWIC or some other database on the Internet.
Everything will be published in chronological order, and after the third part it will be some conclusions.

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Elitserien - R6 analysis

As I promised, I will publish some details from my game against Lars Karlsson in sixth round in Elitserien.
After this article I will concentrate a little more on Cannes Festival.
It will be analysis of my games in two articles, one pictorial rapport with some information about my travel there, and probably some information about tournament it self.
After this, it will be a time for the final in Swedish league (weekend in the middle of March).
It will be the time when my club Eksjö S.K. will without problems secure our place in highest level of Swedish team competition.

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Cannes final standing, and the last three rounds

A draw or not?
This is my position from the eight round of Cannes festival 2013.
A lot depended on this position.
I was white against GM Safarli Elitaj E2638 and with a possible draw, I would play for my first GM norm in the last round.
Unfortunately I lost this position, and later on even the game in the last round, so I finished failed to finish in the top 10 despite that for the whole tournament except after round nine, I was in the top 10.
After my adventure on The French Riviera, this will be quick article, and more details in the next days....