Thursday 16 January 2014

Preview - Elitserien Round 4

Saturday, 18th January is the time when Swedish Elitserien will be continued. Those who are regular readers of this blog, already know that Eksjö S.K. is the leader, and that Rockaden Stockholm is in share first place.
This time it is time for single round, the type of rounds when usually Eksjö don´t perform so good.
There are objective reasons behind that, as many of first team players lives aboard, and it is not easy for them to travel to Eksjö just to play one game.
However, in given conditions I see our club as a favourites against Örgryte from Gothenburg.
In sport, favourites does not win every time (otherwise we could predict everything), so it will be interesting to see the match between the leader and the club from opposite end of the table.

To be fair to Örgryte, they played against clubs from the top of the table (Rockaden Stockholm and Team Viking) and against Farsta which can be very tricky this year.

Rockaden Stockholm will play away match against Uppsala ASS and I predict their victory.
Team Viking are favourites against Burgsvik Alva in their home match.
Very interesting match should be between Västerås and Farsta. I think that on paper, Farsta has a slightly better team, but Västerås are more compact and always playing with the best players.
I will give small advantage to Västerås.

The most interesting match will be Scania Derby, between last year winners, Limhamn from Malmö, and LASK from Lund with traditionally strong individual players but not so great team performances.
The tradtition speaks for it self and according to it, the club from Malmö has advantage.

Elitserien Allsvenskan 2013/14    

1Eksjö SK330017.06
2SK Rockaden, Sthlm330017.06
3Lunds ASK321015.05
4SK Team Viking320115.54
5Limhamns SK312013.54
6Farsta SK310211.52
7Västerås SK302110.52
8Burgsvik Alva SK301210.01
9Upsala ASS30036.00
10Örgryte SK30034.00

As I like to speculate, and this preview has a purpose to get people in the right mood (and I also believe that others also like to read speculations) I will add, that according to my predictions, Rockaden, Team Viking and Eksjö will colect additional match-points  on Saturday.
Also, I believe that Rockaden will overtake the lead on game-points.
Extremely important match in Scania will be the last nail in the coffin for gold ambitions for the club who lose it.
It will be also the huge blow for medal ambitions too.

Here are the pairings of round 4.

2014-01-18 Eksjö SK         - Örgryte SK
2014-01-18 Limhamns SK - Lunds ASK
2014-01-18 SK Team Viking - Burgsvik Alva SK
2014-01-18 Upsala ASS - SK Rockaden, Sthlm
2014-01-18 Västerås SK - Farsta SK

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