Thursday 9 October 2014

About Fianchetto Kings´s Indian Defence

During Cannes Winter Open 2013
Many of faithful readers of my blog are disappointed by recent level of (in)activity on the blog.
Unfortunately, there were not so much chess lately for my part.
However, I wrote an article during June (I know, I know.....) about Fianchetto variation of Kings Indian Defence for Chess teacher site.
You can read article here.
For those who are interested in opening theory it contains some interesting ideas from my own games in one specific variation of Fianchetto variation.
Some of these games are not published anywhere, and has a big influence on theory of some of the variations mentioned in the article.
Here comes the list of the reference games in the article.

  • Tkachiev, V. (2637) - Bejtovic, J. (2407), Cannes winter open
  • HawkinsJ. (2499) -BejtovicJ. (2385), 119th CH-SCO 2012
  • Rasmussen, A. (2510) - Bejtovic, J. (2382), Politiken Cup 2010, 
  • Drozdovskij, Y. (2608) - Bejtovic, J. (2404), 5th Xtra Con Open 2010
  • Drasko,Milan (2474) – Bejtovic,Jasmin (2413) Neum BiH-chT1