Friday 10 January 2014

Resources in defense and attack

It is amazing how chess can be deep sometimes.
I analysed one of my games from Rilton Cup in Stockholm, and when I did computer check of my analysis I was amazed by number of resourced that Black had into his position.
I did not played especially well in Stockholm and if I have to choose my best game from Stockholm it would be this victory in round 6.
I was White and my choice was The Botvinnik setup.
I have pretty big experience with this opening system, with both pieces, White and Black.
Also, I played against The Botvinnik system as White and Black.
For those who are interested in details about this opening I can recommend my articles The Botvinnik System and Bejtovic-Kotronias .
In the first mentioned article I wrote about my experience in The Botvinnik Setup, but during 2013 I played even more games in it, so you should take with a dose of reserve.

My main concern in the game was to avoid the opening preparation of my opponent, as I thought that he want to enter the position from my game against one player from Greece from European Individual Championship in Plovdiv 2012.
In that position my opponent could win the exchange but I would get more then enough compensation.
Anyway it can be hard to play against well prepared opponent and enter the variation that involves sacrifice of material, when I could not recall all the details.
Later on in the game I was forced to sacrifice some material in order to play on for a win.
The game became very complicated.

If you go carefully through all the game you can find the point from the diagram into introduction.
In that position it´s Black move, and he has to find fine resource in order to save the game.
In this position, it is White who is on move (both positions are from analysis not from the actual game), an now White has to find the way to continue his dying initiative.

For those who like to solve the problems on their own, I provided these two positions, and for those who are too curious and wants to see the game and the solutions for these positions, there is the game in new CBviewer.

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