Wednesday 8 January 2014

Test of new ChessViewer

As we entered new year, I want to introduce some new things on this blog.
One of the things will be the new chess viewer (this time from the Chessbase) and this what you will have a chance to test is only pilot version.
In the next days it will be possible to download games in pgn format and I hope that everything will look somehow smoother.
I shall make some changes on blog´s design too, and one of them are already online.
It will provide better possibilities to publish a pictures in higher resolution.
I hope that you will enjoy it.
Now, I shall publish the game annotated by ex World Champion Vladimir Kramnik.

If you click on the link "Download PGN" you can get the text that you can save in Notepad for example, with extension .pgn.
Then you can open it in your Chessbase or any other software which works with pgn files.
By clicking on Facebook icon, above the commentary, you can share the game on your Facebook profile.


  1. Super, ali kad bi bilo besplatno. CB 12 mora da se online aktivira da bi se omogućio taj izvoz.

  2. Pa aktiviraj ga :-).
    Sustina je da ce sada partije na blogu biti prikazivane u ovom Viewer-u.

  3. Hi, nice gameviewer there. Btw how was it done displaying chessbase viewer on your post?. Thanks.