Thursday 30 May 2013

So far, so good

This is the period of a year when I usually play some chess in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
This year is not an exception, and in two days starts traditional Bosna Open.
This year a bit later then usual, due to late start of European Individual Chess Championship.
After Bosna 2013 I will play Bosnian premier league, which will be played in Sarajevo.
I am not completely sure, but I think that capital city is for the first time host of the league.
Bosnian premier league is played in one period, nine days, which is very suitable for professional players.
On this blog you can find more information about that competition after Bosna Open.

After these two competitions it will be the half of season for me, and I will draw a line to see how is everything going in my chess.

Today I will do a little review of my results in 2013.

In the beginning of year I played in Prague Open.

My result was good, and with 7 out of 9 I could finish on shared fourth place.
Still, I did not improved my elo substantial, because the tournament was weaker then before.
The main positive thing was that I was undefeated.

Immediately after that tournament I played in Marianske Lazne, and there despite the tragedy in the last round, I did not played well.
I was quite solid, but my energy was not on a high level, and I got three strange defeats.

The last game there influenced me so much, that I lost my game in the Swedish league, week after that.
However I manged to improve my form in the Swedish league, and soon I started to play really well.

I was near to score GM norm.

In between the round in Swedish league I played in Cannes in France.
My result there was fantastic and I was very near to score one more GM norm.
As I predicted before that tournament, Cannes Open was the highest point of the spring 2013.

After that, I took a small pause, in order to accumulate my energy and to prepare for the next tournaments.
I was interested to play in April, and went to Sonde cup, where I won my group.
I improved my Elo further and a joy was complete.

In that moment I took very bad decision.

I went for Copenhagen Chess Challenge 2013, and I can see now, from the time distance, that it was not good tournament for me.
The whole four days with the double rounds and a time control of 90 minutes +30 seconds for the whole game, was not the things that could suit me.
At the end I finished on +2, and with 5,5 out of 9 it looked not so bad, but my expected score was 7 out of 9, and only that fact shows that it was not good decision to play there.
The overall level of the players in the tournament was lower then in the tournaments where I usually play, but I could not beat them all, just because of a high tempo with short time control and double rounds.
This mistake will be not repeated!
My Elo dropped, and it is just as I erased my good tournament in Cannes.

Still, the feeling in this year is very good, things moved forward, and I hope to perform well in the next two tournaments.
The title of this text explains for it far so good....but it can be better.

Chess and Life will be a bit inactive in the next week, due to my participation in Bosna 2013, but readers can expect a lot of articles after that.

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