Wednesday 8 May 2013

Norway Chess 2013 and EICC 2013 Legnica

Today started the first super tournament in Norway. The participants played the blitz tournament yesterday, and Sergey Karjakin won in front of Carlsen, Anand and Nakamura...
It was very interesting results in the first round...

Here are the results:

Round 1: Wednesday May 8, 2013
Magnus Carlsen        
Veselin Topalov
Viswanathan Anand 
Levon Aronian
Hikaru Nakamura
Wang Hao
Peter Svidler
Jon Ludvig Hammer
Sergey Karjakin
Teimour Radjabov

Karjakin played very well and defeated Radjabov in the Rossolimo variation of The Sicilian Defence.

Nakamura won against Wang Hao in Petroff. Carlsen did not managed to break the balance against Topalov, and the same can be said for the game between Anand and Aronian.
The game between Svidler and Hammer was very interesting for me.
Not so long time ago I played against Hammer. It was in Manhem GM tournament in Gothenburg 2011.
The game ended in a draw.
However, being favourite in Gothenburg, Hammer is outsider among these guys.

Peter Svidler is very interesting player, with classical, yet aggressive style.
He played very well in The Candidates in London this year, and probably due to accumulated tiredness, he did not played very well in Alekhine memorial in Paris and Sankt Petersburg.
In this tournament he actually got an invitation just because of a late cancellation of Vladimir Kramnik.
For me, Peter Svidler can be a dark horse and win the whole event.
He is a real represent of today's chess professionals.

It is a pity that we can not see him in Wijk an Zee or London Chess Classic (I assume that he do not get the invitations for these events just because there are other better options from Russia...).
However, he played in Alekhine Memorial, and we can see him now in Norway.
In today´s game he defeated Hammer in the rook endgame which should end in a draw, with the best possible play, but Hammer make the final mistake in something which should be technical knowledge at his level.

I already wrote something about these issues in one of my articles, and here is a link :
Improvement in chess - Endgames .

This is the position where occurred the last mistake.
Hammer played:


He should play on g8 or h8 as it is coloured on a diagram.
The main point is that White can get the position with a pawn on a7 defended by a rook on the seventh rank, which is elementary winning, compared with the position with a rook on a8 which wins only in some cases.
For the details about this, you can see the video from live coverage with an explanation from, first Carlsen, and later on Svidler and Hammer.

EICC 2013 Legnica Poland

The event in Norway is not the only event on the very high level in May.
In Polish town of Legnica there is European Individual Chess Championship, and the first 23 players will qualify for The World Cup.

Last year, I participated in this competition in Bulgarian town Plovdiv, but this year due to very busy schedule I decided to skip this tournament.
The results from EICC can be followed  on EICC 2013 Results .
After four rounds only Moiseenko from Ukraine has four out of four.

This is a very long tournament with 11 rounds, and when the fights be a bit more decisive in the last couple of rounds, I will show some interesting details from the tournament.
A Swedish player, GM Grandelius Nils has 2 out of 4.
He won against lower rated opponents with Black pieces, and he lost against two very strong GMs, Zhigalko Sergei and GM Movsesian Sergei.

Against Zhigalko he had a promising position and he played very interesting with an exchange sacrifice, but against Movsesian his piece sacrifice was not so impressive.
Only Bosnian player in the tournament is Dejan Marjanovic, a junior, who plays there with a intention to get an important experience.

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