Tuesday 21 May 2013

May combinations

This rubric is not forgotten of course.
For this month I prepared seven combinations.
The seventh is really hard, clearly Grandmaster level, and it is very challenging.

Anyway, we can start from the beginning.
I am sure that many of you will find the first move for White here, but to find all the resources for Black, and to evaluate how this game should finish with the best possible play is another story.
So, White is on move, find the best sequence!

In this position White just took Nc4xb6 and his hopes are on the tactics based on weak back rank in Black position.
Is this correct?
If not, what is the refutation?
Do not forget to list out possible candidate moves, and to stop your calculation at the right place!

I am sure that in this position you can find more then one winning continuation for White.
The problem is to find the most forcing line, and clearly the best.
This method of playing the games to the end are very good in improving your skills in converting the advantages.
I had many problems in that area lately.
White plays and wins....

As always in my combinations, the point is not always to find a win or draw, but to understand what is going on in the position. Finding a win or a draw can be achieved by pure guessing.

This position is not an exception.
White plays and wins, but the question is how many different first moves wins the game!

This position is interesting.
Black is on move, and he has to find a way to liquidate to a winning position.
That position could be an endgame, and could be just a winning some material.
One of the moves in the combination is not completely forcing, but is the best one, so the combination is correct.
This position is from my recent practise.

This the position in which both players has advanced free pawn. These positions are usually very dynamic in nature, and a tempo is very important.
This position is one of these.
Black is on move and has to find something before White promotes with check.
Can you find a draw for Black?
Can you find something more then a draw?

This position is a little extra.
To find some combinational ideas in the beginning is not so hard, but to calculate possible tactical strokes later on, after let´s say five or six moves is not so easy.
The main thing, at the end, is to rightly estimate different final positions in your calculation.
This can be the hardest task, and that is what I failed to do when I had this position in my game.
I have to repeat that this combination is clearly for Grandmaster level.
Black on move.

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  1. Very interesting combination for hard willing chess players. Those combinations felt, after I solved some of them, that I grew up within them and I felt very good after them. There is much new to learn. Thanks you Mr.Bejvotic for posting them.