Friday 24 May 2013

Solution for May combinations

In this position White´s first move is logical:

1. Rg3

By taking with bishop on e6 Black can achieve a draw, because White needs to take it, but...


Nice try..

2. Kf1


This is important resource.

3. Kg2

Only move!

4. Qxe8+, Kh7
5. Qg6+

With a draw. This is the best sequence.

Black´s bank rank is weak, but he has winning continuation:

2. bxc5, Rb2!!

The winning move.

3. f4, Rxd1
4. Ra8+, Qd8

...and Black is winning. Not as easy as it looks.

Here we have more then one winning continuation, but the best one is:

1. Bf7+!, Kf7
2. Qe7+, Kg8 (2...Kg6 3. Qg5+, Kf7 4. Re7+, Kf8 5. Qxg7#)
3. Qe6+, Kf8 (3...Kh8 4. Qe8, Rxe8 5. Rxe8#)
4. Bf4+-

Queen on a1 is hanging and there is a deadly check on d6.

In this one we have a question "How many moves wins?"
The right answer is only one.

1.Rxh6, Qb2
2. Rh8+ with mate

White has an interesting try:


In the case of accepting this sacrifice, White is winning, but Black can parry all the threats with 1...Qb2 =

This is from my recent game against Percivaldi Martin in Denmark.

2. Rxe2, Nc4
3. Bf2 (not forced, but the best)
4. Re1, Rxe1+
5. Bxe1, Bd4+
6. Bf2, Bxc5!
7. Bxc5, Nxb2  ...and I won in this endgame.

There are a lot of tempting options, but only one solution.

2. Kg2, Rxf2+
3. Kxf2, d1N+!

Yes underpromotion. In order not to be forked, White needs to play on f3.

4. Kf3, Qa3+!

After this check, White gets forked.

As I said that this one is very hard, I am not going to show every variation, just the solution:

2. Nxc6, bxc6
3. Bxe5, Nxe4
4. Qf4

This is the only move

5. Bd3!

Only move again.
So we are five moves deep in variation, and now we have to find:

5...Nxf2!! ( I took 5...Bxe5. Other candidates were 5...f6; 5...Rxb2; 5...Nxc3)

I failed to play this although I found the move!

6. Qxb4, Nxd3
7. cxd3, Bxe5

I understood that I have an compensation, and probably more...but to understand that Black is completely winning was beyond me.
Of course not by just looking at the position, but to decide to play this among other tempting possibilities was to hard.

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