Sunday 19 May 2013

Karjakin´s victory in Norway

Karjakin Sergey won the first super tournament in Norway.
Not without drama in the last rounds, as we are already used to, after tournament in London.
Second place was shared by Nakamura and Carlsen.

In the next to last round, Karjakin lost his game against Peter Svidler, and gave a chance to Magnus Carlsen to at least catch him in standings (if not overtake his lead).
However, Norwegian player and Challenger of World Champion, lost his game against Wang Hao, and Karjakin kept his lead.

World Champion, Anand took advantage of that situation and with his victory in the net last round against Hammer, came behind Karjakin on distance of half a point.
Nakamura had his chances too, but only theoretical.

In the last round Carlsen had very hard task, against Aronian with Black pieces, and he played rather quick draw.
He was not disappointed by that result, but he was disappointed by his play in the tournament.

Despite that Norwegian commentator in commentary room showed great ignorance and nationalism, it did not stopped Magnus to answer to meaningless question in a good style.

Carlsen: " You know, Aronian is not such a player against who you can win on demand with black"
Anand had a chance to overtake Carlsen, but he lost against Wang Hao in the last round, and with a draw in the game Karjakin-Topalov, we could see Karjakin´s victory in the competition.
Here is the final table.

Results / Standings

After round 9:
1KARJAKIN SergeyRUS0101½1½1162452
2CARLSEN MagnusNOR1½½½½0½115,522,7532
3NAKAMURA HikaruUSA0½½011½115,521,2542
4SVIDLER PeterRUS1½½½½0½½1521,520
5ARONIAN LevonARM0½1½½½½½1520,520
6ANAND ViswanathanIND½½0½½0111519,2531
7WANG HaoCHN0101½1½½04,521,531
8TOPALOV VeselinBUL½½½½½0½½½41800
9RADJABOV TeimourAZE000½½0½½1310,7510
10HAMMER Jon LudvigNOR0000001½01,56,510

The game who left the best impression on me was Svidler´s victory against Karjakin in the next last round.
I analysed for the readers the last part of the game:

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  1. I would like to see a set of 10 games or something between carlsen and nakamura. I think it would be amazing matches,and I believe nakamura would win the whole set. Nakamura feels very underestimated.