Tuesday 12 February 2013

XXVIIe open d'échecs d'hiver de Cannes

Non, non, non....this blog not shifted from English to French.
I just could not resist the temptation to write the title of Cannes tournament in French....
Couple of times in my reports from Czech republic I wrote that I will play in one very interesting Open tournament during winter-spring of 2013.
This part of the year is full of interesting open tournaments.
There are Gibraltar Open, Reykjavik Open, Moscow Open, there were Aeroflot Open, and of course the tournament in which I played three times Cappelle la Grande.

However, this year, tournament in Cappelle la Grande, very near to French town Dunkirk, starts in the same time when I have other very important chess event in Sweden, and I decided to skip it for this year.
I´ll be back there, hopefully under much more interesting and pleasant circumstances.

When I tried to find other tournament to play in this period, but not with the same dates as Swedish league, I noticed this very interesting open in Cannes.
Very quickly, I got best possible conditions, and decided to play there.

So what is special about this open, and what are the drawbacks?

First of all, it is very strong.
In last year edition there were two 2700+ players, and there are many 2600+ (near to 2700) this year too.
There is the rating floor!
This is very important thing.
There are three tournaments, A, B and C group and in group A can play only players with 2200+ in Elo, and group B is 2100- in Elo.
Players between 2100 and 2200 can decide in which group they will play.

This means that there are more chances for norms, and that all of 9 games will be pretty serious.

Tournament will be played in 7 days, with two double rounds (which is only bad point of everything).
It will be played from 25. February to 3. March.
The organisers didn´t update starting list from 19th January, but here is how it looks at the top:

  1.  Tkachiev Vladislav       2659
  2.  Iordachescu Viorel       2637
  3.  Safarli Eltaj                   2626
  4.  Degraeve Jean-Marc   2584
  5.  Falgaer Ruben            2571
  6.  Godena Michele          2519
...and others

This is not everything.
The tournament playing hall will be the same hall where Cannes Film Festival takes place.

Not only the chess tournament

It is not just a chess tournament.
This open is a part of Festival of all games.
Yes, Cannes is famous for their Film festival, but there is also this festival of all games, and it will be organised 1-3 March.
As one part of it, it will be organised chess tournament for the 27th time.
As chess tournament has some specific rules, it will start 4 days before the whole festival starts.

For a better impression, I will publish two videos from 2012 and 2011....


Other information about the festival can be found on this link: Festival of games, Cannes 1-3 March

About my travel there....

Everybody who knows me, knows that the big part of my chess career are travels, and that I am very interested in this.
I am not as majority of players who can spend all their time during a tournament preparing for the game in a hotel room, and playing.
This is one of the main points why I decided to play in Cannes.
Cannes is situated on The French Riviera, Côte d'Azur.

Very near to Cannes is the fourth largest French city, Nice.
Nice has very interesting airport, one of the most interesting in Europe.
You can see that on the picture bellow.
I hope that I would get some time to visit one of the smallest countries in the World, Monaco.
There are some pictures of Monaco too...
Of course after this episode, I´ll share with the readers large number of photos (as always) taken by me, and for now there are some in order to get in a better mood and get a right impression.

pic name pic name pic name

pic name pic name pic name

Monte Carlo
pic name pic name pic name

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