Sunday 3 February 2013

Elitserien round 5, Disaster in Västerås

Yesterday was played fifth round in Swedish league, Elitserien.
It was not successful day for my club, nor for me.
That Eksjö SK is weak team in single rounds was known even before this round, but we could not expect to loose 6,5-1,5.
I was white on the first board, and my part in this tragedy was full.
I lost my game (second in a row, if I count the last game in Czech Republic), although it happened so much in it that maybe is better to publish some moves and than leave to readers to decide for themselves.
During this weekend majority of clubs played more than one match, so there significant influence on the table.

We can with Friday , and a match between title contenders in Stockholm.
SK Rockaden Stockholm and SK Team Viking played their derby, and this time Rockaden won convincingly and made a whole league very interesting.

This news was surly very pleasant on the south of Sweden where other two title contenders LASK and Limhamn plays against clubs from Gothenburg, Orgryte and Manhem.
On Saturdays matches clubs from Scania won with big margins which is very good for us, and we are on the tiny line from relegation zone.
Today, it will be played four more matches, between Stockholm's club against their opposition, and Scania clubs against Gothenburg´s clubs.
It is likely that after these matches Eksjö SK will be in the relegation zone, but only on game points with one match less than the opposition.
Round 6 will be completed on 23. February.
After that, there is only the last weekend in Västerås, and we hope that the next visit in that town will be much more successful.

As it is obvious from the table, we never had so interesting situation in Swedish league and all this thanks to this format of playing with 10 clubs instead of 12.
Four clubs will fight for the title, and five clubs will fight to avoid relegation.
The most relaxed situation is for Västerås SK, without any problems about relegation or medals.

So how difficult is situation for Eksjö SK?
It can be really hard after next two matches in which we are going to play against Team Viking and Rockaden Stockholm.
Good thing is that we have everything in our hands against Burgsvik and Örgryte  in the last two rounds, during final weekend of league, when we will be completely different team compared to single matches. We will be favourites in both  matches.
For example, in the first weekend in Malmö, we played on equal terms with two title contenders Limhamn and LASK, but lost both  matches with minimal possible margin.

Västerås SK - Eksjö SK  6,5 :1,5

Bejtovic Jasmin - Sjödahl Pontus 0-1
Åkesson Ralf - Malesevic Nedeljko 1-0
Vernersson Per - Eriksson Anders 0-1
Norberg Johan - Ornstein Axel 1-0
Krantz Christopher - Brustkern Jurgen 1-0
Nilsson Andre - Åkvist Håkan 1-0
Ali Ghazi Al Saadi - Janse Rasmus draw
Norberg Erik - Karlsson Roger 1-0

As it can be seen on the results, we are not at all weaker on the first four boards.
I can say that we are slightly better there, but we lost 4-0!
Christopher did a good job and won against a player who´s level of analysis and knowledge is extremely low, but level of self confident on the opposite, very high.

About my game......

This is position after 22 moves.
I was white, and I have clear advantage here.
Computer estimation is about +1.00 , and my thoughts during the game was the same.
I got very pleasant opening, spent considerably less time compared with my opponent and everything went my way.
I have to admit that I have analysis in this variation which are clearly better than official theory.
How is that possible, I shall leave to readers imagination!

However, after somehow strange defeat in Czech Republic in my last game, I decided to try to work harder during the games, and to try to calculate more.
It cost  a lot of energy and precious time on the clock.
IN mutual time trouble, both of us missed two or three chances.
He had one clear winning continuation and I had very interesting sacrifice which would in practise win the game.
I will show the position when the game, for the last time, changed in his favour.

 This is position after 33 moves.
Already from the move 25-26 we did, previously mentioned comedy of errors.
Here I played:

34. Re3??

and after....

35. Rxa3, Nxa3
36. Ne3, Bxa4
37. Qe7, Nxc2
38. Nxc2, Bxc2
39. Bc7 with idea of Qd6....
Yes I won an exchange there.... but rook and bishop with three pawns was too much for my lonely queen.
He won on move 62 or something.
My first intention in position on the diagram was:

34. Bc7!

He have to find very hard move (for his 30 seconds), 34...Nxa4 in order to keep an balance.


This natural move is mistake.

35. Rxb1, b5
36. axb5+, Bxb5

...and now I have pleasant choice of:

37. Bb6, Kxb6
38. Rxb5+ with a draw....and

37. Nf4 with attack (according to computer, there is not only attack. White has an advantage).

As readers can see, there were messy time trouble, that ended in his favour.
One more defeat which is hard to swallow.
However, for some strange reason, it does not feel as bad as after Marienbad, and I can look with much of optimism on my next tournament, that is in more than one way the highest point of the first half of 2013. (more about that in one of the next articles).

In the next articles, I will analyse this game in depth, and I will show the most interesting points from Czech tour.

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