Sunday 10 February 2013

Solution for the combinations

There are a lot of combinations when solution is at the same time, nice and hard to find.
This combination against Czech International Master Milan Babula is only nice.
For a serious player it should be matter of technique to find a solution in positions like this.
Why I coloured Black king and this pawn structure in the centre?
The king, because it stacked in the centre and has to be the main goal of white´s attack.
This pawn structure, because this is the only thing that protects Black in this position.

I started with:

13. Ncxe4!

Black tries to keep position closed.

13...fxe4 14. f5 +- 
13...Nxe4 14. Nxe4, fxe4 15. Qxe4, Nf7 16. Bxe6, Bxe6 17. d7+ +-

14. Rhe1!! 

The weakest point in Black´s position is e-file and pawn on e6.
I was not thinking about material, just how to breakthrough on e6.


Black tries to complicate matters. Now everything in White´s position hangs.

15. Nxe6!, Bxe6
16. Nc5, Kd8

Black tries to evacuate his king from e-file.

17. Bf2, Bf7
18. d7, Qc7
19. Re8+, Bxe8
20. Ne6+

I won a lot of material, and Black resigned eight moves later.

The main defect of White´s position is bad coordination of his pieces on the queenside.

2. Qxe1, Rxe1+
3. Rxe1, Qxe1+
4. Kh2



How to protect a rook on c6 as it can not move (knight on a4 is hanging).

5. Bb5, Qb8+ and Black wins....

This is the combination with strategic subject.
You need to include all your pieces into play.
Which one out of White pieces are not included in the attack?
The rook on h1.
If you ask yourself this question it is easy to find a right solution.

1. Rh3!

There is no good defence against check on e3 and bishop on d7 is lost.

This one is about pattern recognition.
If you see  knight on e2 and king on h2 it is very near to mate on h-file.
It is impossible to bring a major piece on h5, but h4 is available as g3-pawn is pinned.

2. Bxf7, Re4!!

Black wants to mate on h4, and his queen is ready to take on f7.
Black is winning.

White´s sacrifice with:

1. Rxg7+ is blunder.

2. Qg3+

Black has three options now.
To give a piece back with Ng4 is obviously not good.


2...Kh8!  and Black is close to winning (White has some practical chances).


3. Nxf7!

All right, this was not so hard to calculate.
Black can not take on f7, but there are intermediate move....

3...Rxf7? 4. Qg6+, Kh8 5. Qxf7 with Ng6+  +-

4. Qd3 !! +-

Because of this, White is winning. Black queen is hanging and there is no good defence against e5+ .

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