Wednesday 6 February 2013

Resistance or Defence? (Part 1/3)

In my final rapport from Marienbad GM tournament I wrote that  one of the most interesting things that I noticed in my play in 2013 is higher level of defencive abilities.
I also wrote that I am not sure if this is due to increased level of motivation which leads to increased level of resistance in some positions, or it is simply that I play better in defence compared to before.
It takes so much time to recover from two hard tournaments, and one league game and than to analyse nineteen games in depth so I can draw the right conclusions.
For this article I´ll try to show some examples from my games, and let readers draw their own conclusions.

Back to the position on the diagram.
This from my very first game in 2013.
It was somehow messy game. I won a pawn after not so impressive play in the opening.
However my opponent managed to create some problems.
I knew that it could be harder in the first round, due to my pause from chess during Autumn.
There is one more thing which is worth to notice.
Players in east and south of Europe (well, Czech republic is more Central Europe, but I wrote more conceptually, not geographically) on amateur and semi professional level are quite different from the players from the west (or north).
The average level of opening preparation and concrete moves is lower, although the knowledge of opening ideas is higher.
In today´s chess it means that they are weaker in the openings in majority of the games.
As they deserved their Elo as everyone else, there are certain parts of their play which are better than in the west/north.
They put much more fight and resistance in the games.
It means that the games can not be won by pure technique, but you have to put some creativity to them (despite difference in Elo).
Back to my game.

Bejtovic Jasmin 2387 - Cmiko Jakub 2027  Prague Open 2013

I was in time trouble, but situation was not so extreme.
I knew it that he would never push f5-f4 because of replay Qe4 with infinite blockade.
His plan will be e5-e4.
After that he would have various ideas such as Qc6 or Ne5, maybe even f5-f4.
In all of the cases my king is not well placed on g2, and I have to put it on dark square (the same colour as my remaining bishop).
I played:

30. Kg1!

There are not big visual effects by this move, but I like it very much.

31. Nd4, Rae8 (with idea of f5-f4)
32. Rcd1 (Better was 32. Nb5)
32...f4 (He missed a chance to stay in the game with 32...Bxd4!)
33. Nb5  +-
...and collapse on the d6 square is more important than his attack on my king.
After additional 6 moves he resigned.
According to me, the main point of decisive part of the game was my 30.Kg1 move.
Very good prophylaxis.
I have to say that be good in defence is not same as be good in bad or worse positions.
Sometimes  position is just better or balances but in order to achieve maximum from it we have to play defencive moves.

We can move to the next example.

Postupa Pavel 2146 - Bejtovic Jasmin 2387 Prague Open

I am about to be pushed back with b3-b4.
I understood that I will loose a pawn, but if I manage to do the right moves, I could never be worse in this position.
There are a lot of positional elements which are in my advantage.

33...a4 !?
34. b4, Nb3
35. b5

Things looks critical for Black.
White won a battle for d5 square and he can win a pawn with Nxa4.
Still I wanted to win this game and I managed to coordinate my pieces very well.


Yes there! I would get a possibility to play Bh5 or Bf7 (in order to control d5 or put a pressure on c4 pawn).

36. Nxa4
37. Nb6, Ra5
38. Nd5, Qd8
39. b6, Bf7

This is the result of previous sequence.
White won a pawn, but Black has very active rooks and a very nice knight on d4.
White´s knight on d5 is not equally good, as it can be exchanged.
Black king is much more safer than White king, and all the pawns on the queen side are weak.
Only weak pawn in Black camp, this guy on d6, is well covered by other pieces on d-file.
Black has at least full compensation for the pawn.
I will not show rest of the game, as it has nothing to do with the subject.
After few more inaccuracies, I won by nice exchange sacrifice.

To be continued...

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