Saturday 23 February 2013

Elitserien round 6, Grande Eksjö

In Swedish league, Elitserien, today was played the two remaining matches from round six.
Now, everything is ready for final weekend in Västerås, in the middle of March.
Before clocks started, in Eksjö and Västerås, in the noon, everybody would bet on two easy wins for Stockholms clubs.
Indeed, Team Viking did their job and won convincingly against Västerås S.K. (6-2), but the second match, in which I took part, ended in unexpected fashion, 4-4.
Of course that this result was by far more than we expected, but at the end of the day it was Rockaden who should be happy with 4-4.

Where to start?
S.K. Rockaden Stockholm did not came with impressive team, but still they were the big favourites.
It is already boring to mention our weaknesses in the single matches.
I expected from Rockaden to play with players so that GM Lars Karlsson should be fourth rated, which means that it would be impossible to play against him. I prepared against three players.
On my surprise I played against him with black pieces.
Already after the opening I got preferable position, and there were a big fight on every table.
It seemed to me that FM Erik Hedman was closest to win, and he actually won and the club from Stockholm took a lead.
I was still optimistic as on the last two boards we had some advantage, and Christopher Krantz also had some advantage (I thought that I was better).
On the second board FM Neno Malesevic played a draw, and the same happened on the fourth table with IM Axel Ornstein.
Later on Christopher Krantz won his game, but Rockaden won on the last table, so they still had a lead.
I declined a draw, and continued to put pressure in a slightly better endgame.
In that moment Per Vernersson got substantial advantage, and we had promising position on the seventh board, so I thought that even with 1,5 out of two on my board and the seventh board should be enough for a win.
However, we lost on the seventh board, but I managed to win so, the fate of the match was in Per Vernersson´s hands.
He converted his advantage and we took deserved point.
We moved on the table from ninth to seventh place, and this is a huge step to continue our campaign in Elitserien even the next year.
Situation at the top is very complicated, as even LASK has almost everything in their hands now.
They need to win their matches for the title and  wait for Limhamn not to win every match.
Before this round it was like mission impossible for them, as even with two victories it was highly unlikely that they would win (because of bad game points criteria).
Who is the favourite now is very hard to say.
On paper, Team Viking and LASK has the best teams, but Rockaden and Limhamn has one point more.
It will be very interesting in Västerås.
The relegation battle is even more complicated.
I think that Eksjö has reasonable chances to stay in highest division.

Here is the table:

Results from today:


GM Karlsson Lars - IM Bejtovic Jasmin                0-1
FM Malesevic Nedeljko - IM Barkhagen Jonas     draw
IM Engqvist Thomas - Vernersson Per                 0-1
IM Ornstein Axel - IM Bator Robert                     draw
FM Hedman Erik - Thörnert Håkan                      1-0
Krantz Christopher - Jacob Henriksson                1-0
Kenneskog Theodor - Nordström Per Olov            1-0
Karlsson Roger- Bryntze Stefan                           0-1

I will travel to France tomorrow, and I will update this blog with the results if I get Internet connection.

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