Thursday 28 February 2013

Cannes Open, R4,R5 and R6

It was some strange symmetry from my previous article and this one.
In the first third part I won the first game and than on the day with double round I played two draws.
In fourth round I won again, and than today when we had double round I played two draws.
My score is now 4 out of 6, and the final days will give an answer about my tournament here.
While I am writing these lines, some of the games are still not finished, so I don´t have standings or pairing for tomorrow.

In the fourth round I played against Czech Republic FM Sorm Daniel.
I was black and in The King´s Indian Defence we reached an endgame very early in the game.
I played quite good and won with advantage of the bishop pair.
My opponent played til he was mated in the move 38.

FM Sorm Daniel 2317 - IM Bejtovic Jasmin 2383 0-1

Today, in the morning I played against Italian player, officially still IM, but as he already has 3 GM norms and his Elo is 2507, he just waits for FIDE congress to approve his title.

IM Bejtovic Jasmin 2382 - IM Mogranzini Roberto 2507 draw

I was somehow better, and I accepted a draw in the position when I probably should play on.
I had some advantage, but not substantial.
I got my punishment after that as I suffered badly against Russian IM and WGM, Savina Anastasia.
She was better all the game, and I managed to survive after long fight in the endgame.

IM (WGM) Savina Anastasia 2339 - IM Bejtovic Jasmin 2382  draw

There are no more double rounds, and it is going to be interesting in the final third part of the tournament.
As always, in every tournament I have some supporters from Bosnia and Herzegovina, mostly people who left the country during the war in the 90-ties.
There were two Bosnians, currently living in Cannes, and they supported me during the third round.

Tomorrow will start the main programme of Cannes festival of games, and there will be a huge number of visitors and competitors.
I am looking forward to see that too.

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