Thursday 10 January 2013

Prague Open 2013, Round 1

After two nice days that mostly Michael and I, and occasionally Cristopher, spent doing a sightseeing, it was the time to do some work.
In the first round of every open without accelerated pairing system it is usual that stronger players will play against lower rated players.
Michael de Verdier won without any problems, while I had to play pretty complicated game in which I thought that I lost control sometime, but blunder check on the computer showed that it was the very decent game by me.
Cristopher Krantz showed some patient in order to win his game.
This time with us is very friendly delegation from Malta. You can see all the details on the following link: Prague Open 2013 .
I am black tomorrow against Postupa Pavel E2146 and according to rating I am favourite but it will not be easy as today,
One more thing is very positive. The organiser decided to ignore the inactivity of my rating and publishing it just as everything is normal (to read about issue, just read my previous article).
If I get some free time I will publish nice photos from Prague.

My game is possible to see in the chess viewer.

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