Wednesday 16 January 2013

Prague Open 2013, Round 8 and 9

Prague Open 2013 is over.
At the end I shared 4-7 place, and if I consider that I was rated   on 15th place, than I can considered my result as good.
Nothing special but good.
It is a good thing to be critical about own performances.
It is also very good to be not to critical.
Michael de Verdier can not be satisfied with his performance as he lost his touch after defeat in the sixth round.
Cristopher Krantz started good, than he had bad times, and at the end he improved his result a bit.
Mladen Gajic also played in the tournament and he had one nice victory in the eight round, but his overall performance oscillated.
I should start with eight round.
I played against Gevorgyan Maria from Armenia, rated around 2100.
She was white and I played Taimanov variation in The Sicilian Defence.
I got some slight edge when she found very interesting move.

In this position she played:

19. Bg5

This is the moment in the tournament when I played the most creative continuation out of my games.
My options were to play:

20. e5, Bxe5
21. Be7, Bxb2

with compensation for the exchange.
The second option was:


but I did not liked...

20. f4, Bxb2
21. e5, Nd5

...and even if Houdini shows that there is nothing dangerous  I was not sure about her possibilities such as Rxb2 and Bxh7  combined with Qh5+ and Rf3.

I played:


It seems that I am going right into her idea.

20. Bxf6, gxf6 ( 20...cxd3 21.Qg4)
21. Bxc4 simple as that.

If she played

21. e5!? with idea of sacrifice on h7 and getting an perpetual, I can play:
22. exd6, Qxc2! with advantage.

We reached this position.
If I want to take an equality I can play:

21...Qxc4 with all exchanges....

Instead, I played very interesting move, that objectively deserves one exclamation mark, but in practical terms when Black is playing for a win, it deserves double exclamation mark.


I would rather keep the bishops on the board and activate my worst piece the rook on f8.
Later on I got very powerfully attack on the kingside.
The attack is more dangerous with opposite colour bishops.
You can see the game in chess viewer.

In the last round I knew it that I need to win in order to get some decent financial price.
I played against Dutch guy Van Kerkhof David.
A few days before today´s round we drank a couple of beers together.
On the chess board today, it was not so friendly.
We played the game with a lot of fight.
I will just publish a position two moves before he resigned, that underlines my strategy in the game.
I was a pawn down but he is completely lost.
This was also my best game in the tournament.

For all of the details from the tournament you can visit : Prague Open - Results
My games can be seen in chess viewer.

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