Sunday 13 January 2013

Prague Open 2013, Round 3,4 and 5

It is very interesting moment in the tournaments when the rounds 4 and 5 are played on the same day.
It means that actually one day at the evening you finished the first third part of the tournament, and after the next day you already played more than a half of the tournament.
As today was a double round, I did not wrote the rapport from the third round in order to get some quality sleep.
Everything did not went as expected, but I still perform over my rating, so with a score of 4 out of 5 I should not complain to much.
Michael de Verdier also has 4 out of 5 while Mladen Gajic and Cristopher Krantz did not do very good on the double round day.
Maybe a luck of experience?
I should start with a round number three.
I got nothing out of opening but somehow managed to get some pressure in the endgame.
My opponent defended really well, and there is no place for complainant.
Later on I said to Colin Pace from Malta that my opponent did well just because I did not put enough pressure on him, but a day after I think that he really played well.
Deserved draw by my opponent and a bit disappointing result for me.

Michael played against Cristopher, and despite trying to kill his opponent a night before the game, he did not managed to win. The game ended in a draw.

It is known that I do not like to play in the tournaments with double rounds.
My opponent in round number four was a player that I already met two years ago, when I shared the first place in this tournament.
I was black again (same as two years ago) and this time I mixed something in the opening just when my position started to be preferable.
Later on I missed more things, just like in the position on the next diagram.

Instead of playing natural move:


...with complicated position, I went for:


that actually leads to horrible endgame for black.
What is the most strange thing in this game is that I actually calculated accurately every variation, but still played this rubbish move.
I was happy to escape in this game.
Of course I was not satisfied, neither with my play or with the result of the game.

Then came the round number five and I got the white pieces again.
I played against Woman GM, Irina Semenova from Russia.
She put fantastic resistance, but I eventually prevailed. In this game I actually showed very good endgame technique. I can be very satisfied with it.
Mickhael played a draw, and Cristopher drew his game.
Tomorrow I will play against the old chess legend Pribyl Josef.

Interesting things:

  • Irina means a fox in Russian, and my opponent played really foxy all the time
  • My LIVE Elo is oscillating  under and over 2400 after every game
  • Michael needs three title players in the last three rounds (tomorrow he will not play against title player) in order to get a chance for the IM norm. It seems that his performance will not be the problem
  • Mladen Gajic will play against Colin Pace in round number six.

All my games can be checked in the chess viewer.

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