Monday 14 January 2013

Prague Open 2013, Round 6

There is nothing much to say about this round.
We played two third parts of the tournament and there were some positive things and some negative too.
Mickhael lost his game and due to bad pairings for tomorrows round his chance for the last norm vanished.
I had a free day on the job, and took a draw against the chess legend Josef Pribyl.
He played solid opening and minimised my chances to complicate the game....
When I look at how many moves I played in this tournament it is already 284 in the first 6 games, which makes average of 40 moves per game.
This is actually the average game of chess.
Today I played only 10 moves, but accumulated tiredness from the previous rounds in which I played three games which lasted more than 60 moves and other two around 40 moves, than I can considered my decision to take a draw very practical.
It can be crucial in my next tournament which starts immediately after Prague Open.
Tomorrow I will play against Australian guy with White pieces.
Mickhael will play against Russian girl, Alina Bivol.
There is nothing to show from my game from today, but for those who are really curious there is always a chess viewer.

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