Sunday 20 January 2013

de Verdier´s corner

My first participation in the Prague Open tournament didn’t end with a very good result. 
5½/9 and some lost Elo points was a bit of a disappointment as far as chess goes, but still I cannot be too dissatisfied with my decision to play there.
Prague is a very good destination during winter, the dark narrow streets of Old Town gives a mysterious impression and the squares are beautiful when covered with snow.
And as opposed to during the summer, you don’t have to fight off thousands of tourists to walk across the Charles Bridge , second most famous bridge in Europe (The most famous is Old Bridge in Mostar J.B.)
.What about the tournament? Well, it’s very well organized, and as part of the Czech Tour you wouldn’t expect anything less. The starting field this year was maybe slightly disappointing for norm seekers but it was clear that my play wasn’t good enough anyway.

I started off pretty well with 4/5, but then lost to a lower rated Indian boy. After that I somehow struggled to make things happen in my games and in the end my result was pretty poor. This can of course happen when you least expect it when you don’t work with chess regularly, a sin I am guilty of.
There were still some decent games that I played, and I want to show one of them, against IM Chetverik from round 4.

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