Thursday 10 January 2013

Prague Open 2013, Round 2

Today was the very successful day for those who are 
living on the edge.
Michael de Verdier won with white pieces, while Cristopher Krantz won with black.
Mladen Gajic also won his game.
I was black against player rated E2146 and it was very tough, but at the end I won the game.
It is as much as thirty five players with two out of two and tomorrow will be even more harder than today.
I do not have to follow other games during the rounds as I am still not completely in the playing mode.
This my second game after long period of training.
I can see that there are a lot of things that I still do not notice in the games, but there are some nice tactics which comes more naturally to me than before.
Maybe is this only my subjective feeling, but it is how it is.
We are not going to take all the points tomorrow as Cristopher Krantz is white against Michael de Verdier.
I am white against Russian guy, Berezovich Mikhail E2246.

There are a few things which can be somehow interesting:

  • The playing hall in Hotel Olympic is much better than the playing hall from the previous years.
  • Still, I think that the place for B tournament is a bit more inspirational than the place in the hall for A tournament.
  • If you want to follow analysis of some games and rapports from the tournament, on Swedish, there is the daily coverage on Lars Grahn blog: INTE BARA SCHACK
  • I will play tomorrow on Live board
  • Not of the big importance, but my live rating is again 2400+ (the first time after Cappelle la Grande 2012)
  • Cristopher Krantz is the first person that I know that entered a restaurant to order a food, and failed!
  • The same happened Michael and me with a soup, but at least we got the main dish
  • Our hotel is situated near to everything, and there is a nice twenty minutes promenade to Hotel Olympic, five minutes to the main square, and only one minute to the shopping mall Palladium
More things will be published in one of the next days.

You can see my game from today in chess viewer:

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