Friday 18 January 2013

Marienbad GM 2013

After the tournament in Prague, Czech tour continues in Marienbad.
Marienbad is small town in western Czech Republic, very near to Czech border with Germany.
A difference from Prague Open is that in Marienbad there will be closed tournaments as well.
I arrived yesterday and settled down in Hotel Polonia, where the playing hall is situated.
There were one free day between Prague Open and Marienbad tournament, so I relaxed a bit with Maltese delegation and friends from Eksjö S.K. after the last round of Prague Open.
We went to the Afghan restaurant, and after some stops at the pubs we finally visited one museum.
Beer Museum Prague!
The day after I took a train to Marienbad and that took about three hours.
The positive thing is that my rating is online again.
This is my fifth tournament in Marienbad, and the third GM tournament in the same town.
Novelty for this year is that there are no double rounds which I prefer.
The second thing is that GM and IM tournament started today, while open group Marienbad C, starts tomorrow.
This year all games from GM and IM tournament is going to be live transmitted.
The conditions in the tournament became better than before.
During the drawing of lots, I took number ten, which means that, opposite to Prague, I will play one more game with black pieces.
In the first game I played against Russian IM, Matsenko Sergei, rated 2460.
I was black and after interesting fight with mutual chances, we eventually drew at move 39.
This tournament is of course more serious than Prague Open, and I will not write rapport after every round, but I hope that I will manage to write 2 or 3 rapports more.
In IM group Mladen Gajic won his game against Russian junior girl, with black pieces.

All the information from the tournament can be seen on following link: Marienbad GM 2013 .
Live games can be followed on the link: Live games Marienbad

Very good game in the first round played GM Chernyshov against Vojtech Zwardon.
My game can be seen in chess viewer:

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