Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Two interesting games

I decided to share with you some of my analysed games.
The first one is a game against Czech amateur player in the second round of last year edition of Prague Open.
We played The Kings Indian defence and he tried with a solid line but soon I overtook an initiative.
This game was published in monthly newsletter (or some theoretical article) on chess vibes. I do not remember who was annotator but he liked my idea of playing 13...c5.

The second game was not so straightforward like this. It looked almost the same, as I took an initiative early in the opening, but if you are not on your highest level, it is extraordinary hard to win a chess game against Sicilian Scheveningen.
What makes this game interesting is variations in the analysis which points out some moments when I could win the game.
The game was eventually decided in the time trouble when my opponent missed mate in one.

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