Tuesday 7 August 2012

Tactical combinations

In between two tournaments when you have no time for serious work on your chess, solving easy combinations can be useful practice.
I will share with you some combinations from tournaments when I recently played (Glasgow, Helsingör)  and from Junior World Championship in Athena.

1. White to move

2. Black to move
3. Black to move
4. White to move
5. White to move

6. Black to move


1. This is position from yesterdays game from Athena Grandelius N. (E2562) - Grover S. (E2516).
    Nils played 1. Ne2 ? and went on to win a game later.
    How he could win a game with a help of nice queen sacrifice?

2. Position is from the game Bejtovic J. (E2385) - Aagaard J. (E2506) Glasgow 2012.
    Is it better to play on h8 or f8 ?

3. This one is really tricky. Swan I. (E2259) - Bejtovic J. (E2385) Glasgow 2012.
    How should Black play?

4. This position is from yesterdays game Debashis D. (E2446) - Yilmas M. (E2543) from Athena.
    White finished in nice style. How?

5. This position is from  a game Johansson A. (E2029) - Petersen P (E2155) from Helsingör.     
    How White could win the game?

6. Zude E. (E2384) - Popovic D. (E2579) from Politiken Cup in Helsingör.
    What played Black here?

Answers will be published tomorrow.


  1. A. Johansson's ch.-student7 August 2012 at 14:08

    Nr.5 ) What about this solution...Txf4, Txe3, Txe3+, Kd8, Lb6+, Tc7, Tf8+, De8, Txe8#

  2. That is the right solution for position number 5.

  3. Pozdrav iz Hrvatske od starog šahovskog prijatelja! Nismo se vidjeli cca 15 godina. Pavle Hrvačić

  4. Pozdrav Pavle, i nadam se da ces redovno posjecivati blog. Valjda nece proci jos 15 godina prije nego se vidimo. Sigurno cu uskoro igrati u Hrvatskoj.

  5. Blog je dobar. Jako uredan, pregledan i poucan. Samo nastavi tako dalje i biti cu vjeran citatelj. Vidimo se kad dodjes u Hrvatsku. btw, cestitam ti na osvojenoj tituli intermajstora!