Thursday 30 August 2012

The Olympiad R3

I did not followed today´s round in the Olympiad (due to long training session) so I don´t know if I can do objective analyses of today´s games.
What can I see from 2-3 minute pushing on right arrow and going trough games, it was very very fighting day for both teams, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sweden.
Sweden was unlucky against Croatia, while Bosnia and Herzegovina held against better rated Slovakia and played 2-2.
It was very interesting for me to see match between Scotland and Denmark, which finished also with 2-2.
Already in this round we could see some really interesting matches.

Bosnia and Herzegovina  2  - Slovakia 2

We had black pieces on boards 1 and 3 again, but this time in duel of legends , Bojan Kurajica won against Ftacnik. I suppose that both players were in time trouble, but Bojan played very well and mated Ftacnik in the centre of table.
Dizdarevic played very solid and took a draw, while Dalibor Stojanovic lost on board 3. It seems to me that White played quite a good positional game.
Young Denis Kadric had an initiative on fourth table but he played just a draw.
I think that both teams had some chances to win this match, but 2-2 is deserved result.
What is the most interesting thing is that Bosnia and Herzegovina will play against Serbia in round number 4.
It will be Balkan derby, and I think that Serbia is a clear favourite but just because players knows each other so good, everything can happen.

Sweden 1,5 - Croatia 2,5

On the first board Nils played against one of Croatian GM´s which belongs the youngest generation, Ivan Saric. It seemed that Saric had good attacking chances, but Nils played good and held a draw.
On the second board, according to computer evaluation ,, Hans Tikkanen had substantial advantage against Hrvoje Stevic, but in complicated position Stevic just played better.
On the third board Mladen Palac won against Emanuel Berg . I think that he prepared something new in the opening and Emanuel tried with piece sacrifice which could not confuse Mladen Palac.
Pontus Carlsson spelade against "the king of open tournaments", Zdenko Kozul, and won the game after complicated fight.
Croatia is better rated than Sweden on every board, but Swedes can not be satisfied with today´s presentation.
In the next round Sweden will play against United Arab Emirates, and are clear favourites.

Scotland 2 - Denmark 2

I was also interested in match between Scotland and Denmark, just because I played in both countries in my last tournaments and I played against many players in both teams.
They played 2-2 and Scotland should be happier with this result.
On the first board McNab won against Sune Berg Hansen.

Other matches

Already today, we could see some really interesting matches between very strong teams.

France 2,5 - Bulgaria 1,5 (Topalov lost on the first board, and three draws)
England 3 - Cuba 1 (Short and Adams won their games)
Ukraine 2,5 - Israel 1,5
Armenia 2,5 - Spain 1,5 (Aronian won against Vallejo Pons)
Slovenia 1 - India 3
Romania 1 - China 3
Russia 2,5 - Latvia 1,5 (They took 2 match point just after Jakovenko´s wins on board 4)

Tomorrow are some very interesting matches like:


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