Friday 3 August 2012

Politiken Cup R8

Things are going to be very interesting in last two rounds of this years edition of Politiken Cup.
In the top there are many draws (but not quick) and anyone who are in the leading group right now can win the competition.
There are eight players with 6,5 points out of 8.
Grandmasters: Cheparinov, Sokolov, Halkias, Markus, Hector and S.B. Hansen but also two International Masters, Vang Glud and Bulski.
It would not be the big surprise if someone who in in the big group of players with 6 points, wins his two games and finishing on the first place.
There are 19 players in that group, but for example Dreev and Timman are capable to do it.
I am in the group of players with 5,5 point with a whole point behind leading group.
Nothing much happened in my games in rounds 7 and 8.
In round 7 I played against Danish junior player who recently showed some good results.
However he did not played well against me. He played very passive variation of Scandinavian Defence and just try to survive. Than he played with his pieces on strange places and his position was about to collapse, when I displaced my dark squared bishop on wrong diagonal.
Of course that I understood that my bishop has to go to f4 and than I could open position with c4-d5 and his king, which stacked on c8, would never survive.
What happened is that I missed some tactics and I believed that I could not play on f4 because he would take on d4 (it was just an illusion).
Instead I played some moves which did nothing, and then when he already got his king on b8 it was hard to expect much. Still I had slight advantage when I went for d4-d5 but then I missed additional tactics and we got opposite colour bishops endgame.
He offered me a draw, but I declined, just to offer him a draw 3 moves later when I calmed down. I think that tiredness took this half a point out of me because I did not felt to good for a good game of chess yesterday and I think that with a play on my normal level I should win a games like that.
I have to admit that I was nervous before today´s game.
My opponent was always optimistic Danish player who always goes for opponents king´s head.
He played over aggressive but I managed to neutralise his threats and I got better play in the endgame.
In the post analysis he analysed very good, with some nice points, but I think that his position evaluations are very bad.
He is just to optimistic. He tough that he stood better just before he blundered a piece.
Of course that black was better but I am not sure how much. However he went for an combination and sacrificed his knight but couple of moves later he resigned.
Very quick victory in just 19 moves and for the first time during the tournament I came home before the round was over.
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow everything will be known.
As always you can play trough my games.

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