Friday 31 August 2012

The Olympiad - Round 4

Today´s round was very interesting but not successful for both countries (Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina).
While Bosnians played against Serbia in Balkan derby, Sweden had much easier task against United Arab Emirates.
The big Balkan derby was played in not the best moment for Bosnia and Herzegovina because few of our best players are not in the team.
We were lower rated on every board but held to 2-2.
Sweden was favourite against United Arab Emirates. UAE´s team has one Grandmaster and one International Master (on low 2300 Elo points) and the rest of the team are 22xx players.
Nothing helped, because it was one of these days when everything goes wrong...UAE won with 2,5-1,5.

Serbia 2  -  Bosnia and Herzegovina 2  

The first game to finish was on the fourth board between Sedlak and Kadric.
Denis Kadric played confidently, pretty well and closed all Sedlak´s possibilities.
The good draw for us.
In that moment things were not so good because Dizdarevic´s position on the second board was very passive, and one could see that he could lose his game.
Robert Markus played safe and Serbia took the lead.
I was very confident in Dalibor Stojanovic, especially because he was white and can hold with White against almost everyone (as he showed in European Individual Championship in Plovdiv).
He played against Perunovic and without to much problems, held a draw.
In that moment fate of the match was on the first board. Bojan Kurajica played against Ivan Ivanisevic. Ivanisevic is about 100 Elo point better rated, but you can never write off ex Junior World Champion (when this title was more prestigious than today) and chess legend.
Bojan played excellent, and equalised a score.
It was good result for Bosnian team, because we are rated on number 50 while Serbia is rated number 20.
Tomorrow, it is time for a match against  Qatar rated number 66 and this is a real good pairing for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Qatar , just like we, is currently over-performing but our team is stronger, especially on lower boards.
The real good chance for us!

Sweden 1,5  - United Arab Emirates 2,5

This is the big surprise indeed.
Sweden is much better than UAE, and should win 9 out of 10 matches against UAE, but this time was time for then 1 out of 10.
It looked really good in the beginning, when Nils Grandelius had substitutional advantage in time and real pressure. His opponent was forced to give up an exchange (maybe Nils should prevent this?) for a pawn. It looked that the worst is over for Black and game was just a question would Nils find a way to make some problems for Black, or Black will manage to save a draw.
On the second board, Hans Tikkanen player very irrational game against IM Omar Noaman. I don´t know was that theory, but it seemed to me that at least Hans looked at that before the game.
In the complications he played better that his opponent and Sweden took a lead.
On the fourth board IM Smith played Dragon variation of Sicilian Defence, but took some strange decisions.
I don´t know was he convinced by engines or some player recommends that one should play Bishop to e6 when White can just take on e6, because it does not make any sense for me.
White missed some clear cut winning continuations, but his position was good enough to win anyway, and result was surprisingly 1-1.
Pontus Carlsson never managed to get something real in his game, and he just drew 1,5-1,5.
In that moment everything was on stake on board number one, and Nils of course could make a draw, but he tried to play for whole point, but got nothing.
Black won in the nice counter-attack, and Emirates took unexpected but deserved victory.
I have to say that it will never be easy for Nils, because almost every country which will play against Sweden has at least one GM.
Sweden will play against Andorra tomorrow, and everything but clear victory would be surprise.

Other results:

  • USA-India                       2-2
  • Russia- China                3-1
  • England-France            2-2
  • Azerbaijan-Germany     2-2
  • Ukraine-Poland             3-1
  • Montenegro-Greece    3-1  Well done!
  • Turkey-Croatia              1,5-2,5


Tomorrow are some really good matches:

Hungary-Russia ( the real nostalgic match from Olympiads in 60-ties,70-ties and 80-ties)
USA- Czech Republic

After tomorrows round there is the first free day in the Olympiad.

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