Wednesday 29 August 2012

The Olympiad R2

Interesting day for Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina in Istanbul.
As I expected, Sweden played very good against Serbia, and at the end drew 2-2 .
On the contrary of my prediction, Bosnia and Herzegovina played very good and won against higher rated Vietnam with 2,5-1,5.
I think that this results are good for both countries.
It will be very interesting tomorrow when Bosnian and Herzegovina is going to play on board number one, against Slovakia.
For Sweden it is very interesting match against one more country from Balkan, Croatia. In a way Croatian team is similar like Serbian team.
They have similar ratings, similar style and similar mentality.

Bosnia and Herzegovina    2,5  -   Vietnam  1,5

I have to say that Vietnam is rated on 27th place, while Bosnian and Herzegovina is rated on place 50.
However, young IM Denis Kadric played very well and we took early lead, but I could not be so optimistic because GM Bojan Kurajica had real problems on board 1 from the very beginning.
Soon Vietnam equalised.
On the second board, GM Emir Dizdarevic played solidly against higher rated opponent, when he suddenly got a chance to take a whole point after his opponent sacrificed a piece.... incorrectly.
It was 2-1 for us, and at least a draw.
Dalibor Stojanovic (actual GM, but waiting for FIDE congress to confirm his title) was on defence almost during whole game. It seemed that he will crack under the pressure as Vietnam player got very promising position, but he miscalculated something and Dalibor had a chance even to win the game, but after some not to convincing tries, he settled for draw and secured a victory for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Well played guys!
Tomorrow, we will play against Slovakia, and it is going to be very interesting match.
Slovakia is rated 42 and Bosnia and Herzegovina 50.

Sweden 2  -  Serbia 2

As I said, Serbia was the slight favourite but Swedish team is not easy nut to crack.
Serbia is rated number 20 compared with Swedish average rating on 34th place.
I have to mention that Serbian players are fully aware of strength of Swedish team as in the new number of Chess Informant in the article where they introduces one country, Sweden was introduced. Four out of five Swedish players commented their games in Chess Informant (Šahovski Infromator) which is still the most popular source of opening articles on Balkan, despite that Informant lost on it´s popularity from the 70-ties and 80-ties.
However, Serbia took a lead, after GM Nikola Sedlak won against IM Smith on the fourth table.
Smith played quite solid in the opening, but than he probably forgot about prophylactic and Black got a chance to sacrifice an exchange. Nothing serious happened in terms of evaluation of position, but the character of the position changed dramatically.
Smith made a mistake when he took with a pawn on e3. I don´t know if he miscalculated something as I have a feeling that he thought that he can fight for the open d-file easier if he take on e3 with a pawn.
In reality, he could not penetrate on the d-file and Black had full control on dark squares on the queenside. No obvious pawn breaks for white, and Black managed to improve his position to the maximum. With help of a few more inaccurate moves he won the game.
On the boards 2 and 3 there were two draws, although a draw on board 2 was taken when GM Hans Tikkanen was (probably) pretty convinced that GM Nils Grandelius would win his game on board 1.
Nils played very strongly, even if some inaccuracies are unavoidable in such dynamic positions.
He really impress with his play in 2012, and I think that he will became Swedish number 1 on rating list, very soon. Swedish Championship is just as statistic anomaly.
Tomorrow, Sweden will play against Croatia.
Traditionally Sweden has a good results against Croatia, although Croatia is higher rated.
Sweden is rated 34th and Croatia 19th. Still everything what I said about match between Serbia and Sweden can be said about this match too.

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