Sunday 1 July 2012

A new Elo list

This is a time when FIDE published the new Elo list and as they publish rating every two months it seems that it is nothing special about this.
However, for the first time in history FIDE published a list for rapid and blitz tournaments.
It can be said that this a step forward, but there are a lot negative aspects of this introduction.
I will share some thoughts about this and show some statistical informations.
First of all let´s talk about these rating lists for rapid and blitz time controls...
It is highly possible that this will make a real rating less worth. If we imagine situation when one player, let´s say GM, has 2500 in (normal) rating, and he played one rapid tournament with somehow modest result and have rapid rating at 2380.
Other player , for instance FM with 2330 Elo points, plays very good rapid tournament, and his rapid Elo is about 2450.
If chess players compare these two players, it is obvious who is better, but there are a lot of amateurs and not well chess educated people who are officials in tournaments.
These numbers can just confuse them, and a lot of  unnecessary energy have to be spend to explain for these people what is what.
Second thing are chess tournaments. How many times organisers did not had good enough budget for a tournament and they introduced double rounds? Sometimes, a whole tournament is played in double round format. Imagine, what will they do if they can organise a tournament which will be Elo calculated, but it would be possible to organise a two days event?
To talk about rating for blitz play is below a level of any serious discussion.
However, I do not want to play elo registered rapid and blitz tournaments for now, so column for these ratings will remain empty for my part.
A future can change that if I will be proved wrong.
So, what can be said about new (real) Elo list in July.
As readers can see from live Elo list in the left panel on my site, Carlsen is still leading a list, with a bit increased difference between him and second placed Aronian.
Kramnik is no longer in club 2800.
He was firmly on course in Moscow during Tal memorial, but he lost two games in the row in rounds seven and eight and he slipped to 2799.
The difference between fourth placed Anand and tenth placed Ivanchuk is just 11 points, so it can be changed in just 2 games.
This time there are 45 players with rating of 2700 or higher.
If you want to be rated in top 100 you have to reach rating of 2656.
All informations you can find on following links:
Top 100
Federations rating (average rating of top 10 players)
Top 100 women
Top 20 juniors Here, we can notice that GM Grandelius reached top 20 with his record rating of 2570.
Top 20 girls

These are the most important lists, but of course, there are a majority of my readers in Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina, so there is a Elo list for Sweden:
Swedish players on Elo list. Here is important to notice that two highest rated players will not play in Swedish individual championship, and will not play in Swedish team on Olympiad in Istanbul. It is a really depressing situation because these players (and few more) played on last Olympiads and will not play this time just because bad treatment of Swedish chess federation.
As I mentioned these problems with Swedish federation, I have to mention huge problems with Bosnia and Herzegovina chess union as well.
As readers can see on rating list, there is still no active rating for players from my home federation.
As I am informed, they actually paid their debt two days ago and rating will be published in a day or two.
My new rating will be lowest in last 200 games, just 2385 and I will be placed somewhere around number 15 in my country.
Will that be changed in next period, it has to be seen.
However, I will play a few tournaments in next period starting with Scottish championship in Glasgow, and then probably Politiken cup in Denmark.
It will be very interesting to play SS Manhem GM tournament in August, where I will be probably lowest rated player.
After these tournaments, I will get a new Elo  on September list and than play Skovbo GM 2012 open tournament in Denmark.


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