Monday 30 July 2012

Politiken Cup R4

Finally, here is rapport number one from Politiken Cup.
I forgot how tough can be to play in Politiken Cup, especially in the beginning. As Lo Skolan near Helsingör in Denmark is not so far away from Eslöv, every time when I play there I am actually living at home and travelling to the playing hall.
So, every day I am changing from local bus to regional bus, and than to the train, just to take ferry from Helsingborg in Sweden to Helsingör in Denmark.
That is not all, because there is also 30-35 minutes walking from station in Helsingör to the playing hall.
It does nothing when I play round like today ( starts at 1 pm ) but to play double round, and especially on Sunday (when transport in not frequent like during the week)  is very demanding.

However, I am not complaining, because I knew it what can I expect but that is the reason why I did not wrote any rapport yesterday (or day before yesterday).
What can I say about my play?
It could not begin as bad as it was. Or it could?
I was white and I played against opponent who is 500 points below me on rating list.
Comparably, there are not players in the World who are 500 points better than me.
I did not win the game! All right, I played the draw but in some moments I was dead lost.
As some sort of compensation, I won game number two with quite convinced play in Modern Benoni and that I got a bit more serious opponent in round 3.
I was afraid ,but  more of tiredness not of my opponent. I won again and I had impression that we did not played very well.
On my trip back to Eslöv I had more than half  an hour on Helsingborgs train station. I decided to quick look at my game with help of the computer.
I was surprised when, according to computer opinion, we both played extremely well.
Today, I played against Danish player, rated 2231, with black pieces, and again I played well and won the game.
I was a bit late (5-7 minutes, because the ferry I wanted to travel with was not available) to the game and I did not analyse it with my opponent (neither with opponents in rounds 1-3) because I was in a hurry to catch the ferry.
I apologise to my opponents if any of them are reading this lines.
My score for now is 3,5 out of 4, and there are only five players with score of 100%.
I am in group of 23 players which follows the leading group.
It can be said that the real fight begins tomorrow.
I can not keep my promise and publish the news from the tournament daily, but it will be at least one more rapport before final rapport at the end of the tournament.
Now you can enjoy (or be tortured) with my games from rounds 1-4 (some of them will be analysed for the blog after the tournament).
Order is unusual,
Round 4
Round 3
Round 1
Round 2

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