Friday 27 July 2012

Biel R2 and start of Politiken Cup

While waiting for Politiken Cup to start it is interesting to see what is going on the very highest level.
In Biel, Switzerland, there is a big super tournament and couple of competitions with a bit smaller significance. 
I am going to publish games from round one and round two.
Norwegian super star Magnus Carlsen is in his usual form, but also Chinese player Wang Hao is on his way to the good result.

Russian Grandmaster Alexander Morozevich withdrew from the tournament after two rounds.
Instead of him, Viorel Bologan will play rest of the games. What is actual reason for this I don´t know, but there are a lot of speculations in world of chess.
Unofficial part of Politiken Cup started today as Vladimir Malakhov plays simultaneous exhibition against Danish amateurs on Copenhagen central station.
The real games starts tomorrow at 2 pm.
Politiken Cup 2012 will be the first competition with my participation from which you can read rapports during the tournament.
Of course, to keep professional attitude toward my games I will not deeply analyse it during the event, but results and games for playing trough will be updated daily.
As you can notice, design of the blog has been changed and now it has a bit more professional look (at least to me).
Enjoy games from Biel.

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