Friday, 29 June 2012

A first half of 2012 in pictures

As it is left only two days in first half of year 2012 I decided to publish a set of pictures related to chess, mostly from tournaments where I played, but some pictures is not chess related, and some are related to forthcoming events.
A pictures will be published in random order and some of them are not taken be me (it will be marked).

Marienbad by night
Entertance of Jewish cementary in Prague
Karlov most by night
While in Bergamo
Milano, Italy
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Ireland fans during European championship in footboll expres their thoughts about EU politic toward their land on very original way
A few mote weeks...(a picture from web)
Lund yesterday, picture says it all
Cappelle la Grande
During EICC in Plovdiv
Milano in January
Jahorina 2012
Very very soon...


Do You really need description?

La Louvre
I had enoguh...

SK Siroki Brijeg, team champion of BiH
Marienbad in January
Prague by night

Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Half point behind bronze, HSK Napredak Sarajevo
Cappelle crew...

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