Wednesday 25 July 2012

Politiken Cup 2012

It is time for years edition of the biggest Scandinavian open tournament, Politiken Cup in Helsingör.
Tournament will be played from 28.July to 5.August in beautiful complex of Lo Skolan very near to Helsingör.
I played in this tournament already twice and my second participation was especially good.
This is the tournament where I achieved my third and final IM norm and by automation became International Master.

Three days before tournament there are 286 players who are on the list of participants and among them, there are 22 Grandmasters and 9 International Masters.
Other information you can find on tournament´s website which is example how one tournament´s website should look.
Politiken cup

I played many interesting games there, and in this introduction I will publish four of them.
Some of them are with short variations, and as all four games are played by me and in Politiken Cup, there is something else in common for 3 of them which makes one of them an exception.
Can you recognize which game is not part of the theme (it has something to do with previous articles) ?

Answer : The game against Moller A. Other three games has theme of fortress in some parts. The game against Hillarp Persson is example of fortress (endgame part) and the game against Stray G. was the example of unsuccessful fortress.
In the game against Dreev A. I could save the game with a help of fortress.

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