Tuesday 3 July 2012


It is a very relieving feeling to see my rating online again.
Well, not just mine but rating of all Bosnian players.
Still, I am not so proud of it but it is better to have one than to lose precious energy by explaining this issue to all organisers.
However, you can find all details in following link :
Rating for Bosnia and Herzegovina .
I am rated number 16 in the country, but at least I am still the best in the town, followed by Arapovic and than Dumpor.
This is not something which is new to me because I got all information in good time by Bosnian rating administrator.

As I explained in some of my previous posts, I shall play a tournament in Scotland, and I shall travel to United Kingdom a day after tomorrow.
While I already visited UK , I never played chess there and it would be a nice experience.
A list of participations you can find on following link : Scottish Championship
I am rated number 19 (between 113 players) in the tournament and according to Elo I am not one of the favourites.
It is interesting that we will play with classical time control of 2 hours for 40 moves (without increment) and additional hour for a rest of the game. This will be a nice change and I hope that I will adjust well.
It will be used advanced switch pairing system (up to round three)  and that means I could avoid a really weak players in the first couple of rounds.
At the same time as tournament in Glasgow it will be played Swedish individual championship with 10 players in round robin.
A couple of real strong players are missing in the field but it will be last time that championship will be played with a system of qualification like this years edition.
A Junior Champion of previous year got an invitation, and two players from group B got an invitation. This already takes three places, and additional three places were reserved for players which finished 1-3 on last year championship.
That means that only four places are available for organisers to send invitations for the best players.
They didn´t do that and instead they invited two International Masters (and two GMs) when at least four more Grandmasters were interested to play.
What happened later was that a few players refused to play on forthcoming Olympiad in Istanbul  .
A result of this complications was that Sweden will not have some of the best players in individual championship, and Swedish national team in Olympiad will be considerably weaker than it should be.
However, I will actively follow this championship, and probably comment some games from it, but it will be done after Glasgow tournament.
The readers can expect some news from United Kingdom as I expect to have enough time to write some lines.
Besides my results and games, I will provide some informations about games of  Michael De Verdier, but he is not interested just to play some chess but to see some British farms as well.