Friday 15 June 2012

Games from Jahorina, Part two

Diagram 1
This is a second part of my games from Jahorina.
As I said , I was somehow optimistic about my chances despite bad result in first five games (my play was quite good).
My opponent in round six was very strong Serbian GM Robert Markus with high Elo of 2628 points.
I played one of my best games in 2012, and according to many spectators this game was a best game of whole league.
This game was very similar to some other games which I played in 2012 and this time I was very cautious about playing f4-f4.

I told to my self that I will play f4-f5 just if I can get obivious advantage. Let´s look what happened:

                                                                 Round six
                                      Bejtovic Jasmin 2391 - Markus Robert 2628

In the position on diagram number one, I just finished manoeuvring and thought that my pieces are placed good enough for action:
18. g4 with idea of g4-g5
19. f5, Ne5
20. Bxh6 !  The point of f4-f5. Piece sacrifice is completely correct. White will get two pawns and a few tempo for attack.
21. Qxh6, Bd8  and we reached position on next diagram

Diagram 2
My pawn on g4 is attacked but if I defend it I don´t have more than compensation for a sacrificed piece.
My point was to sacrifice a pawn on g4 in order to open a g-file. 
But how to transfer a rook there?
I need my rook on f1 in order to take on f5 if black exchange pawns. A main idea is that d1 rook is going to g3.
22. d4!, cxd4
23. cxd4, Nfxg4
24. Nxg4, Nxg4
25. Qh3, Nf6  and after this, I am dare to say, forcing line I played a move which should decide a game.
26. Rd3  transferring a rook along third rank.
He didn´t found anything better than to try to move his king into safety by escaping on e7.
26...Kf8 and I played a killing move
27. Nf4
This position deserves diagram, because black has several ways to continue but anything can´t save him.
Diagram 3
27...Bxe4 It is quite easy to mate after this move
28. Qh6+, Ke7
29. Ng6+, fxg6
30. Qg7#

27...Nxe4 is a little more stubborn but a pattern is same
28. Qh6+, Ke7
29. f6+, Nxf6
30. Ng6+, fxg6
31. Qg7#

27...Ke7 with idea of 28...Rg8
28. fxe6, fxe6
29. Qh7+!, Nxh7
30. Ng6#

28. Qh6+, Ke7
29. Ng6+, fxg6 (or 29...Ke6 30. exf5#)
30. Qg7+, Ke6
31. exf5+, gxf5
32. d5+, Nxd5
33. Re1+, Ne3
34. Rexe3+, Be4
35. Rxe4+, fxe4
36. Bh3#

He played fifth alternative:
27...Bb6 and I found winning continuation after this, but failed to mate him
28. fxe6 ?!  (28. Qh6+, Ke7 29. fxe6, fxe6 30. Nd5+!, Nxd5 31. Qh4+, Nf6 32. Qxf6#)
29. Nxe6+, Qxe6
30. Qxe6, fxe6
31. e5!, Bxg2
32. Rxf6+, Kxe7
33. Kxg2 and we reached position on diagram number four.
Diagram 4

He tried his last trick:
33...Bxd4 but I converted in easy winning rook endgame
34. exd6+, Kxf6
35. Rxd4
He can never take my d-pawn because pawn endgame is elementary winning for me (thanks to h pawn).
36. Rd2, e4
37. d7, Rd8
38. Kf2  and black resigned

                                                                Round seven
                                         Trkulja Goran 2395 - Bejtovic Jasmin 2391

Night before this game I got some problems with food poisoning and I was practically unable to play. It was much better for me not to play at all, but for my team was very important to win this match and my team mates got easier opponents on boards four to six. 
I am very proud of myself by playing this game but there is nothing to show.
Defeat was unavoidable.

                                                                Round eight
                                        Bejtovic Jasmin 2391 - Muratovic Efim 2312

I was very determinate to win this game, because of unfair lose in previous round. I was playing without risk , slowly building my position.
Diagram 5
After the opening I got a chance to sacrifice a pawn for long-terms initiative.
We reached position on diagram 5 when I played:
26. a5, Na8
27. Ra4 winning back a pawn on d4.
His position felled apart.
28. Rxd4, Re8
29. Rc4!, Qxb2
30. Rxc7, a6
31. Rxb7, axb5
32. Qa7 and I won a pawn on f7 and very soon a pawn on b5. he played some moves just to reach a time control and than he resigned.

                                                                  Round nine
                                         Dizdarevic Emir 2462 - Bejtovic Jasmin 2391

This was on of these rounds when teams are playing 3-3 without play.
It sounds strange but it is as it is.

Some conclusions

My play was much better than in Sarajevo and my games in which I won were creative with a lots of interesting details. I lost two games but if one looks closely to my losses one of them (against Runic) could be a very nice victory and other is just bad circumstances.
I was somehow lucky in game one and two, by avoiding defeat against Jakovljevic  and playing a draw against Miskovic due to his big respect for me.
I think that I was a bit nervous and still under a bad feeling from Bosna 2012 Open.
With time my play was much better and in the last games I showed some good quality games.
For the first time in 2012 I avoided going minus in rating and my presentation was a highest in this year.
Still, I am not satisfied because I could much more.
I could avoid this horrible blunder against Runic and I could have some lucky with food poisoning.
I hope that I can continue this trend in my next tournament and avoid some stupid things which costed me too much in 2012.

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