Wednesday 13 June 2012

Games from Jahorina, Part one

Diagram 1
Reportage from Bosnian team championship will be separated in few parts. I would like to present my games which will be done in two parts and one separate report will be about championship, some interesting positions, jokes and so on.
First of all I need to say something about rules. Every team is playing with six players and with maximum of two foreign players. It means that on the third board you can meet almost all best Bosnian players ( a few Grandmasters and International masters were playing in the best teams on lower or higher boards). Basically, on the third board I had GM tournament with average rating of around 2400.
I already spoked about my bad luck in 2012 with drawings, and Jahorina was not an exception. One more time I played one more game with black pieces and it was (and still is) very frustrating. I played 50 Elo games in 2012, and only 22 with white pieces and 28 with black pieces.
However, I managed to break a bad trend in 2012 and I played one decent tournament.

                                                                  Round one
                                    Jakovljevic Vlado 2399 - Bejtovic Jasmin 2391

International master Vlado Jakovljevic from Banjaluka, pressed me straight from the opening and I managed to found good defence whole the time. We reached position on diagram number 1 when I suddenly got a chance to overtake an initiative. I was already in time trouble when I played:
33...Ra2 ? 
Correct was:
34. fxe5, Ng5+
35. Kg4, h6! with a treat of 36...Rc4 with mate. White needs to find 36. Rd3 to hold the balance.
A few moves later we reached position on diagram number two:
Diagram 2

He could play:
39. Kd4 ! and escape all checks. His position would be near to winning.
Instead, he played:
39. Nxb5 ? and I escaped with:
40. Kf3, Nh4+ !
41. Kg4, Nf5 and pawn on d5 is defended by tactical means and my counterplay against his king was enough to secure half point.

     Round two:
                                  Bejtovic Jasmin 2391 - Miskovic Dragan 2142

Diagram 3
This is a game against one opponent which I know from my junior days. I played him once and I won a nice game.
This time I completely underestimated his preparation in Closed Sicilian and he played it very well.
Position was balanced when I played:
37. Ne4-Nf2 ?
....and offered him a draw.
He immediately accepted it, but that was mistake.
As computer programs indicates , he could play:
37...Qg5 with a treat of 38...Qc1 with winning attack against my king.

                                                                 Round three:
                                        Vukic Milan 2411 - Bejtovic Jasmin 2391

Something which is unimaginable in some leagues is quite normal in Bosnian and Herzegovinian league. It is very common that some clubs plays 3-3 with six quick draws, year after year. We played against one of these clubs and decision was to take their offer.
So, there is nothing to show about this game.
                                                                 Round four:
                                       Bejtovic Jasmin 2391 - Runic Zoran 2382
Diagram 4

A big blunder again!
Same as in all tournaments in 2012 I play one game just to completely blunder something trivial.
At the meter of fact I played a very good game, and as a crown of it I sacrificed a piece.
24. Qxd6 ! which is completely correct and leads to winning position for me.
25. Qd7, Qd8
26. Qf7+, Kh8  and we reached position on diagram 5.

Diagram 5
Here I have a choice of three moves:
27. Rad1, Qe7
28. Qxe7, Rxe7
29. Rd8+ wins a piece back but ending is slightly better for black.
Correct (and easy winning) continuation was:
27. e7! , Qc8
28. Rad1  and there is no defence against 29. Qxe8 with 30. Rd8. Simple as that ! How is possible that I missed it ?
I Played:

27. Rxb7, Rg8
28. e7, Qe8
29. Qe6 which is unclear but still a bit better for white. I managed to misplay that and in the time trouble I eventually  lost a game.

                                                                    Round five:
                                              Mujic Hamza 2354 - Bejtovic Jasmin 2391
Diagram 6

It was extremely important to avoid defeat in this game.
We played Maroczy bind variation, and I just jumped from e5 to c4 with my knight and he took a first with his e2 bishop and then he took a pawn with a queen. We reached a position on diagram number six.
I didn´t took on b2 (which would lead to advantage for white) but I played:
21...Qb7! He answered:
22. Qe2 and I again played positionally, taking a c-file with
22...Rc8! He was a bit confused and answered:
23. Kf1 ?! and after
24. Ra2, Qb1+
25. Kf2, Bc3 I got even slight advantage but I played for a draw because that was enough to secure victory in the match (drawbacks of team competitions).
However I was pleased with this game and with my play, but not completely with my result in first five games. Still I was looking optimistically for last four games of league.

To be continued....  

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