Friday 20 April 2012

White to play and win

Here is some easy study which is quite interesting.
The most important think is to get right coordination between white pieces which seems to be broken.
White Chess Study
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White on move. What to do against 1...a1Q ?

Here is a solution:

1. Rh6+ , Kb7 (The best try. If 1...Kb5 than  2.Rxh5+, Kb4 3.Rh1, Ka3 4.Nd6 +- )
2. Nd8+ !, Ka7 (Otherwise 3.Ra6 )
3. Nc6+, Ka8 ( If 3...Kb7 then 4.Na5+ and 5.Nb3 controling a1 with easy win)
4. Na5 ! (With a treat of 5.Nb3 )
4...a1Q (Forced)
5. Ra6+, Kb8
6. Nc6+ and in the next move 7. Rxa1 with an easy win.

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