Thursday 19 April 2012

The truth to be told

Chess is not an deterministic game, but from practical point of view it can be solved. Of course, I don´t think it´s  going to happen during my lifetime. The same can be told about position which is discussed in the previous posts. It can´t be solved completely but from practical point of view it is possible to calculate all important lines. I will show what I saw during a game and that was a bit polished in the analysis.

I would like to thank Anders and Mladen for they took a time to analyse position. I´ll be free to point some details about their approach. Mladen was very straight to the point, but he didn´t considered all candidate moves. He discussed position with me and did the best with "try and fail" method. Anders calculated some lines which are not relevant for position, but he spot some good moves (like 14.Nxc6! in sub-variation with 13...Bxe3). He has some unclear assessment of positions. The position with tripled pawns on the last diagram in previous post is clearly better for White (it seems that he has some doubts).
At the end, I am not sure witch kind of game presentation is better, with viewer or with diagrams and text so I would appreciate feedbacks about that.

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