Monday, 16 April 2012

Study like position

All right, after a few fancy posts it is time to do some work.
The next position is from already mentioned tournament in Marienbad. It was really strange start for me, losing a much better position (on the board and on time) against Algerian IM Hamdouche just to follow with two nice wins (one of them against GM Chernyshov with black pieces). Then I deservedly lost against GM Vladimir Tala, who got a revenge for his lost against me in Olomouc 2008. In fifth round I played against polish junior Oscar Wieczorek (I also played him in the same tournament 2011 but missed a win in close to wining position).
After long and hard fight I managed to win a pawn. He tried to reduce some material and he got a chance to sacrifice his knight for my last two pawns. We were already in time trouble (but we have increment of 30 seconds per move) when he gave me some chances. So lets look at the position on the next diagram :

Bejtovic,Jasmin (2408) - Wieczorek,O (2336) [A15]
11th Marienbad GMA Marianske Lazne CZE (5), 24.01.2012

I managed to get my queen on f7 and knight on e7 which is very dangerous because Black can´t move with his bishop or king. He can only try with checks or push h-pawn (which is not a good idea because I can check on h5 in some variations without fear that Black can exchange a queens with Qh6 ). But, lets look concrete variations. I played 72.Kh3?  which throws away a half point. There is a study like winning variations, which was indicated by Rybka. I have to admit that even after I saw that I missed a win and went to the dinner I cound´t repeat Rybka variation in hotel lobby. Here is some of my later analyses:

[72.Kg1! Qg5+ 73.Kh1 Qc1+ 74.Bg1 Qd1 (74...Qd2 75.Qg8+ Kh6 76.Be3+ Qxe3 77.Nf5++- ) 75.Qg8+ Kh6 76.Qe6+ Kh7 (76...Kg5 77.Qf5+ Kh4 78.Ng6+ Kg3 79.Qf4+ Kh3 80.Qh4# ) 77.Qg6+ Kh8 78.Qe8+ Kh7 79.Qf7

White played with purpose to lose a tempo. Only move is Qc1 and we have position from move 74 but with white on move (lose a tempo in position A to win a tempo in position B). 79...Qc1 80.Qd5! Qb1 This position with Q on b1 Black could choose on move 74 or 79, but it leads to win for White like it is shown.

 (80...Kh6 81.Qe4 Kg5 82.Qf5+ Kh4 83.Qg6+- ) 81.Qxh5+ Bh6 82.Qf7+ Bg7 83.Qg8+ Kh6 84.Qe6+ Kh7 (84...Kg5 85.Kh2 Qb8+ 86.Kh3 Qh8+ 87.Kg2 Qa8+ 88.Nd5+- ) 85.Kg2 Qb2+ (85...Qb7+ 86.Kg3 Qb8+ 87.Kh3 Qf4 88.Qg6+ Kh8 89.Kg2 Qd2+ 90.Bf2 Qe2 91.Qe8+ Kh7 92.Qf7 Qe4+ 93.Kg3 Qe5+ 94.Kg4 Qe4+ 95.Kg5 Qg2+ 96.Kh4 Qh2+ 97.Kg4 Qg2+ 98.Bg3 Qe4+ 99.Kh3 Qh1+ 100.Bh2 Qe4 101.Qh5+ Bh6 102.Nf5 Qe6 103.Bf4+- ) 86.Bf2 Qc2 87.Kg3 Qd3+ (87...Qc3+ 88.Kg4 Qb4+ 89.Kh3 Qf4 (89...Qc3+ 90.Be3 ) 90.Qd5 Qf6 91.Qg8+ Kh6 92.Be3+ ) 88.Be3

Black is in zugzwang and should resign, but there is a last trick. 

88...Qd6+! 89.Qxd6 Be5+ 90.Bf4! Still this just wins for White (90.Qxe5= Stealmate!) 90...Bxd6 91.Bxd6+-
This is to hard even if there is enough time and no game pressure. I want to point that I shown just main line (with some sub-lines) of my analyse. I can´t even consider that I missed a win in this position ( I had some promising lines which leads to close to wining positions earlier in the game).
Instead of this, I played 72.Kh3 and game went 72...Qg5 73.Bg3 Qf6 74.Qg8+ Kh6 75.Nd5 Qf5+ 76.Kg2 Qe4+ 77.Kh2 Qe2+ 78.Kh3 Qg4+ 79.Kh2 Qe2+ 1/2-1/2

My apologies to the reader because it is not possible to go trough a game online, but I shall try to implement some kind of online viewer.

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