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Solution for December combinations

The solutions for December combinations will be published in clear and simple form.
The positions demands more analysis, but  the purpose of this rubric is to inspire you to analyse these positions and eventually improve in chess.
As always, if something is not clear you can ask in the comments or by messaging me on Facebook.
As there were no combinations published during November I decided to show somehow harder combinations for December.
I hope that you enjoyed.

GM Sanchez Joseph E2529 -  IM Bejtovic Jasmin E2394

1. Bg3!, Qc6 (1...Bd6 2. Bf5!, Bxg3 3. Qh5+-)
2. Bf5!, Rb7

Now White took on e4 and won the game.

2...Nd6 Critical test of White´s concept, but I seen that I am losing....
3. Bxd6, Rxd6
4. Qh5, h6
5. Bh7+!  
This is the point....
6. Qxf7+, Kh8
7. g6 +-

IM Bejtovic Jasmin E2394 - IM Vezzosi Paolo E2263

2. Qxf3, Rxf3
3. Kxf3, Qf6+!

This is the detail that I missed in my calculations (I entered the position on the diagram with a series of 4-5 forcing moves) about 7 or 8 moves ago. If 3...Qg5 4. Rg1 and White is fine...

4. Kg2, Qg5 -+

The position is from the same game.
Now, I am playing for a win.

1...Qf1+ ??
2. Rg1  1-0

Instead, Black could play:

2. Re8+, Kg7
3. d8Q, Qf1+
4. Kh2  (4. Rg1??, Qh3#)

I have to play 5. Kh1 with a draw.

5. Rg2??, g3+

It is amazing that Black is winning now.

6. Kh3 (6. Kh1, Qf1+ 7. Rg1, Qh3#)
7. Kxg3, Qf4+
8. Kh3, Qh4#

IM Bejtovic Jasmin E2394 - Gagliardi Christian E2216

1. Rg1!

In the game I played 1. Re1 and won after some help of my opponent.

2. Rg2, Rxc3
3. Rag1!
This is the point. It is not possible to defend against mate on g8.

GM Negi Parimarjan E2629 - IM Bejtovic Jasmin E2403

In the game White played:

1. Rff3, Qc7
2. c3, Bxf4+  ...and Black won easily

1. Bxd6, Qc6!
2. c3, Qxd6
3. Rff3, d4?

Black is winning after 3...Rc4!

4. Rh3, Bxh3
5. Rxh3

It looks like White is going to win, but...


This move saves a draw.

6. bxc3, Qxa3+ with perpetual

Position from the analysis of the game:
IM Bejtovic J. E2404 - IM Moberg K. E2290

This position is only the last part of the very long and complex combination. It seems that the bishop on a3 is well placed in attack on the Black´s king, but the point is that we need to attack from the other side. The right place for this bishop is h6-square.

1. f5!!, gxf5
2. Bc1, Rxa2
3. Nf3!!

Not: 3. Nxe6+ because of 3...Qxe6! and the position is equal.

3... Ne2+!
4. Rxe2, Ra1
5. Ne5!, Rxc1+
6. Kf2, d3!?
7. Ng6+, Qxg6
8. Qxg6, dxe2
9. Qh6+ ...and White wins the rook on c1 and the game.

It is more then useful to go through these variations.

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