Wednesday 11 December 2013

Michael de Verdier - Elitserien

The first 3 rounds of the Swedish League was a success for my club, Eksjö SK
With a refurbished line-up consisting of 3 Grandmasters and 2 International Masters we had a very strong team going into the first 3 games.
In the first round we defeated the solid team Upsala ASS with 7-1
Only two draws were conceded (from admittedly lost positions).

The game in this article is from the second match, against Team Viking
A controversial club that had a change in management over the summer, and is now aiming to play with more local players of younger age. Going into this match I thought we had a 50-50 chance, which turned out to be a fair assessment. 
After a long and tough match we won 4,5-3,5
Our strategy worked in this match. In the last round for this time we were again the favourites against Burgsvik Alva. We won 5,5-2,5 but not without difficulties.
My own result 3/3 was somewhat unexpected since I didn't play a tournament game since January. Here is my game against Team Viking, against the solid and experienced IM, Dan Cramling.

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