Monday 16 December 2013

December Combinations

The rubric about combinations was not updated in November due to other things in schedule, but in December we will continue as before.
I will always continue to underline an importance of solving combinations in order to improve in chess.
If you are the regular reader of this blog you could solve around one hundred combinations in 2013.
If you are not, then you can open the archive of all combinations published on this site, and solve it as in the chess book.
The link is here Monthly combinations .

For this month I prepared 6 combinations from my games and analysis.
This combination is from the tournament in Milan.
White is on move, and despite the huge spatial advantage that Black (me) has in the centre, White has some good prospects around Black´s king.
In the matter of fact, he is already winning.
This combination does not contains many sacrifices, but still there are some tactical points on the winning path.
The winning sequence is forcing, so we can consider the solution to be an combination.

This position is also from my last tournament in Milan.
I was White, and the luck in this game changed side several times.
In this position Black is on move, and Black can invade White camp with his rook.
That allows White to exchange the queen for two rooks and the real question is what is going on then?
I welcomed the intruders on f3, and counted with that but it does not mean that I was right.
What you think?

The same game, around 30 moves later!
My king is completely exposed by my pawn on d7 is a guaranty of at least a draw.
The real question is, can I win the game or Black (on move) can secure a draw.
Black is on move, and in mutual time trouble he went wrong.
Can you do better then he?

We are still in Milan.
This is my position from round number two.
In my last move I captured on e3 with my bishop from c1 (I was temporary a rook up) and Black recaptured with his d-pawn.
Now, I am exchange up, but the threats are still unpleasant.
However there is one hidden tactical point that gives White decisive advantage.
Can you find it?
Black´s threats are Rc2 (followed by e3-e2), Bc6 and Nf3.

The position on this diagram is from one of my the most merited victories.
I was Black but it is White who is on move.
As we can see, Black is piece up, but there are huge problems with kings position.
For the moment I can solve the problem of Qh6 with Bf8.
What will happen if White just exchange the bishop?
Or, what would happen if White just double his rooks on the third rank and plays for Rh3?

This position is form my analysis of one of my games from 2011.
White is exchange down, but Black´s king is in jeopardy.
We can notice that White´s bishop can be deadly for Black´s king, but we are far from the immediate blow.
This combination is really hard to solve, and even if you can find couple of moves in the beginning, you can considered it solved only if you can see everything to the end.
The reason is that Black has very good resources in defence.
The combination is only the final part of the main combination, but that is another story.

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