Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Michael de Verdier: Anand-Carlsen 3-5

Before I leave the word to Michael de Verdier I have to say something about my analysis of game number six. I showed the position which not reached in the game number six.
The real position was reached before h3, gxh3, Rg6 sequence, so my analysis were two tempos down for White.
It is proved by extended analysis that in that case White really could save a draw with b2-b4.
There is no big difference in that, because if you have to play the only moves to save a draw in the position when couple of moves before that he could drew in his dream, then it is most probably that you will not find these moves.

Michael de Verdier:

A quick report from the World Championship match (Game 7 and 8)

Game 7 and 8 have resssembled something like a closed shop from Carlsen's side.

At the same time it's remarkable that the World Champion cannot get more of a game going from the opening from what he managed until now.

Game 7 could be called something of a damage limitation exercise from Anand, who just didn't want to lose a third on the trot. Carlsen is just too solid and too accurate to lose from such positions.

If Game 7 was boring, Game 8 was something of a mystery. Anand chose the Berlin Defence that Carlsen employed in his last two Black games, and Carlsen's answer was the super-solid 5.Re1 line.

The game never got going which should suit the Challenger just fine (compare to some of the games in Kramnik - Anand, 2008 where Anand outplayed the then World Champion starting with sharp preparation on the Black side of a Semi-Slav.

Carlsen's attitude at the press conference after Game 8 signals that he is very confident that this can never go wrong, which might be a dangerous attitude.

At the same time Anand looks painfully unable to cause the Norwegian any problems.

4 games to go, Anand needs to get going. But it should be too late. It can easily turn into some sort of "desperation chess" that just shouldn't be effective against a player like Carlsen. But we'll see!

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