Thursday, 21 November 2013

Anand-Carlsen 3:6

Nothing can stop Magnus Carlsen of becoming 16th World Champion in chess (undisputed).
That fact is the most important thing that we can take from today´s game.
Carlsen´s lead now is the whole three points, and he need only one draw from the last three games to become that what was his dream when he started to play chess.

Game 9 - When nothing works....

It is easy to be smart now and to try to find the best moves for Anand, but nothing can change the fact that Magnus Carlsen plays chess better then anybody in the World.
Anand did what he could and should!
He opened the game with 1.d4 and this was the right choice.
He got promising position with a lot of play in it, and he started an attack on Carlsen´s king.
For the first time in this match Anand got the position in which both sides had advantage of opposite side of the board, and this is actually what he should do from the beginning.
he could play Berlin endgame one more time, as it is enough complicated, but this approach would be completely wrong as it is not the right type of complicated play.
Of course if you get the position that you like, it does not mean that you can win the game.
Anand  does not play well enough to win the game against Magnus Carlsen.
Was he strategically outplayed in this match,can be an open question, but there are no doubts that he made more mistakes in the critical positions, and this is what counts the most.
I think that Magnus also had the better match-strategy (do not confuse this with strategy in the games).
In the very sharp position, Anand became nervous and he missed rather simple defence against his attack.
Immediately after Magnus played his move, Anand decided to resign.
He ruined his, more or less, good game with a horrible blunder.
I shall repeat again that the blunders are not some cosmical force in chess and that we can not influence them. 
It is not the truth.
They are simply the reflection of inner battles and psychological pressure.
Anand was under tremendous pressure, and it was obvious even on his body language.
Already before he blundered, he realised that it will be extremely difficult to win the game.
I can not write anything else than that I agree with Kramnik who said before the match that Anand is somehow scared of Carlsen.
This match is practically over...
What I predict for tomorrow is some kind of closed game in which Anand will get some slight advantage but never something serious.
The game will eventually end in a draw, and match will be officially over.
Magnus Carlsen is hours from being sixteenth World Chess Champion.