Monday, 11 November 2013

Anand-Carlsen 1-1

I don´t know what is general opinion about the start of this match, but I am hugely disappointed.
I did not expect from Anand or Carlsen part to go for everything in the very beginning or to play for a public, but a bit more volume in the games could be expected.
The first two games were more boring then the games in Gelfand-Anand match.

Game 1

Carlsen was white in the first game, and he opened with 1. Nf3, although it soon transposed to pretty unambitious variation of Grunfeld Indian Defence.
I don´t know if this kind of chess will be Carlsen´s choice for the whole "white part" of the match, but this time he got nothing out of opening.
His position was maybe slightly suspicious, when he forced Anand to go for move repetition.
All that happened in only 16 moves!
Some journalists and experts said that it is a small moral victory for Anand, but I do not think so.
I think that Anand´s problem in this match would not be how to hold a draw with Black when he need it, but how to win some games...

Game 2

As I said, Anand will not win any games if he do not takes any risks.
In the game number two, he played 1.e4, and Carlsen responded with 1...c6.
I assume that Anand will not play 1.e4 in all of his white games.
In one moment when he could go for a complications or just choose peaceful continuation, Anand decided to go for second mentioned.
As I said he didn´t wanted to take any risks.
But why should he?
He does not feel any pressure, as Magnus Carlsen is favourite, and with every draw, the possibility of play off is higher.
Anand is well known as very good player on shorter time controls (even there, I think that Carlsen is favourite, but not as clear as he is in classical chess).

Is this Anands match strategy?
Will he try to make as much draws as possible, and to threat with play off, in order to make Carlsen more nervous?

For the answer we will wait for games number three and number four.

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